Home.   Week 0: 16.07.26 A. Hang Muscle Snatch + 2 Overhead Squat: 5×3 – Go By Feel B. Snatch 1st Pull with 3-Count Pause at Knee: 5×3 – Go By Feel C. Coach Jess Estrada Gymnastics 3 Rounds: 1.

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ThrowBack.  Week 0: 16.07.25 A1: Narrow-Grip Bench Press: 4×3@85% A2: Dual DB Seated Strict Press: 4×8@3030 Tempo B1. Pause Front Squat: 4×3@65% – 33X3 B2. KB Goblet Squat: 4×8 @3030 Tempo C. 6 x 800m Run Rest 3 Minutes Between

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Deep Eddy.  Austin, TX.  Week 51: 16.07.23 AMRAP 30: 1:00 Pull-Up Dead Hang 1:00 Hands & Toes Plank 1:00 Nose & Toes Handstand Hold 10/10 Single-Arm Dumbbell Bent Row 10/10 Single-Arm Hang Clean Thruster 100′ DB Walking Lunge

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Building.  Week 51: 16.07.22 A. Back Squat: 2×2@60 2×2@70 2×2@80 2×2@85 2×1@90 B. 6 Rounds for Time: 21 Double Unders 15 KBS @ 32/24 Kg 9 Toes to Bar

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CrossFit Jääkarhu-First Event

All you need. Week 51: 16.07.20 A1: Supinated Weighted Pullup: 5×3@80% A2: Ring Row: 5×10@3030 Tempo B1. Deadlift: 5×3@70-80% B2. Romanian Deadlift: 5×10 @3030 Tempo C. Row 1 K Rest 4 Minutes D. Row 1 K Rest 4 Minutes E.

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CrossFit Games Week.  Salute. Week 51: 16.07.19 A. Hang Power Snatch: 5×3 – GBF – E2M Coach’s Note: 3-Second Pause in the Hang Position (top of the knee) on each rep. B. Snatch Balance: 5×2 – GBF – E2M C.

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Week 50: 17.07.16 Open 11.4 AMRAP 10: 60 Bar-Facing Burpees 30 OHS @ 120/90# 10 Ring Muscle-Ups

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The CrossFit Games
2014 Reebok CrossFit GamesJuly 25th, 2014

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#Repost @orionhones ・・・
What a year it has been, #tbtgames2015 📸 @ingridkantola 
This past year did not go as expected. I trained harder than I ever had, I performed better than I had hoped, I planned on running away with a win, I was cocky and a rookie and inexperienced and failed to do my job when faced with adversity. Truly I failed because the whole year I had trained for me - I didn't train for the competition I planned on competing in, I didn't train to be a leader of a team. 
This past year I learned a lot about myself, athletically, and more importantly, mentally. I do not like every aspect of myself but I would never have known those sides of me without going through the situations I was dealt - for that I'm eternally thankful. I'm also thankful for the opportunity to train away those weaknesses and become a better athlete and man. Life is full of hidden and important blessings. 
This upcoming year is exciting. I am more focused and realistic about what all needs to be done and I have been humbled into an obsession of attention to detail and flawless regiment. I am more prepared than ever before to combat and if need be prevail through adversity. My support structure is rock solid bulletproof - My family, my coach, the entire community of the gym, all the people that work with me on specific aspects of training and recovery, and most importantly my love and number one priority @theresa.kelly are all by side and confident in my abilities. The only way to go is up!

So here's to another year - 365 days of passionate work and love - here's to leaving no questions unanswered and it all on the floor. Here's to being unafraid and unapologetic in regards to living the dream, and here's to the opportunity to become great - it waits for those who are bold and shines on those with no fear. 
One more time Team. #Open2017 #TeamCrossFitJääkarhu #CrossFit
Coach Winchester


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