Coach Deering on the PegBoard.  Week 39: 17.04.26 A. Power Clean: 6×3 @ 80% – EMOM Directly Into… B. Hang Power Clean: 4×6 @ 60% – EMOM C. 6 Rounds for Time: 100′ Plate Push @ 45/25# 5 Bar Muscle-Ups 20/14

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26th World / 1st South Central. Proud of our Bears for earning 26th in the World and 1st in the Region on the 2017 Open. While this is an achievement in itself, it was not and is not our goal.

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Lauren Metcalfe. 25 Days. Week 39: 17.04.24 A. Ring Muscle-Ups: 3 Strict + 6 Kipping Rest 2 Minutes 2 Strict + 4 Kipping Rest 2 Minutes 1 Strict + 2 Kipping B. Deficit Handstand Push-Ups @ 6″/3″: 3 Strict +

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Coach Taylor Deering.  Week 38: 17.04.21 DELOAD WEEK, Continued A. 4 Rounds For Time: Run 200m 10 Kettlebell Snatch Right @ 24/16 kg 10 Kettlebell Snatch Left @ 24/16 kg Run 200m 10 Toes to Bar

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Teamwork @ Zilker Park.  Saturday, 4/15/17. Week 38: 17.04.19 DELOAD WEEK, Continued A. 5 Sets of the Complex (E2M): 2 Power Cleans 2 Front Squats 2 Push Press *Weight should be determined by weakest movement. B. EMOM x 20: Odd:

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At Work. Week 38: 17.04.17 DELOAD WEEK The previous three weeks have been mentally and physically challenging weeks – that is to say they’ve been far, high volume, high intensity weeks. Take this week to back off from the volume

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Young Jääkarhu. Week 37: 14.04.15 For Time: Run 5K

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The CrossFit Games
2014 Reebok CrossFit GamesJuly 25th, 2014

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All said and done with the Open. Proud of our crew for finishing 1st in the Region and 26th in the World.
We took a brief moment to slap hands, and then put it behind us. Gone and forgotten. Only one thing matters now, and the Open is not our goal.
Congrats to the other 14 teams representing the South Central at Regionals, and the other 39 teams that qualified to the South Regional. Looking forward to going head to head with y'all.
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Coach Winchester