Jeff Morgan. Mike Shorter. Tom Green. These gents killed it this morning. Proud of them. Week 41 Training: 14.04.19 Off-Season Athletes: Recovery Day Regionals Athletes: Training Day

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Good luck Mr. Jeff Morgan, Mr. Mike Shorter and Mr. Tom Green. We’re behind you 110% — kill these WODs and make it to the Games. Week 41 Training: 14.04.18 A. Clean and Jerk EMOM x 10:Min 1: 2@50Min 2:

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Accepted. Priority: Recovery. Week 41 Training: 14.04.17 Recovery Day. You don’t get stronger in the gym. You get stronger outside the gym. This is a fact. What you do today will set you up for tomorrow. What you do tomorrow

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Fly, Estrada, Fly. Week 41 Training: 14.04.16 A. “Almost Lynne” 5 Rounds, For Max Reps: -ME Bench Press @ Bodyweight -ME Strict Pull-ups + ME Kipping Pull-ups Notes: Rest as needed between sets — 20 Minute Cap. B. 21-15-9: -Deadlifts

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Black Tide. Our friend Mr. Ryan Ramos set a new Front Squat PR @ 300# this weekend (and unless I missed his birthday, Ryan is still only 18 years old). When I was 18… well – suffice it to say

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Reid Reagan, 14.5 Week 41 Training: 14.04.14 A. Snatch EMOM x 10: Min 1: 2@50 Min 2: 2@55 Min 3: 2@60 Min 4: 2@65 Min 5: 2@70 Min 6: 2@75 Min 7: 1@80 Min 8: 1@85 Min 9: 1@90 Min

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Our newest addition to the program – Welcome Linda! Week 40 Training: 14.04.12 Off-Season Athletes: Recovery Day. Regionals Athletes: Training Day.

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South Central RegionalMay 23rd, 2014
1 month to go.

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