Ingrid Kantola – aka: The Assassin Ingrid is a special athlete. Everyone that watches her train or compete knows this. Since 2010, she has been one of the top female CrossFitters in the Region. Year after year she continues to

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Karen Pierce – aka: Red Boots Karen and I have been friends and coworkers since 2010. We were teammates in 2012. We are now business partners, she is my athlete and I am her coach. We’ve been through the ringer

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Ricky Redus – aka: Pretty Ricky Ricky Redus: strong, quirky, polite. He is strong – with a 301# snatch and a 385# clean and jerk, he is by far the strongest man at Jääkarhu, and one of the most promising

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Alyson Boyd – aka: Alyson Body Words and phrases that come to mind when I think of great athletes and CrossFitters: athletic, coachable, strong, genetically gifted, work ethic, determined, stubborn, willing, detail oriented, trusting, driven, committed, passionate. Coincidentally, I would

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Orion Hones – aka: Baby Thor Orion Hones is simultaneously one of the youngest and one of the most promising athletes I have ever coached. He came to us in October, several weeks after we opened. One of my long-time

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Your Team. This is Your Team. Orion, Kyler, Jeff, Ricky, Ingrid, Karen, Jess, Alyson. Team CrossFit Jääkarhu. When we opened our bay doors at 113 Industrial Blvd, Unit D, in October of 2014, we knew exactly what we wanted. One

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Vanbabe, Baby Thor, The Body The last three weeks have arguably been the hardest three weeks of the year. Now we begin our final preparations for Carson. As the workouts come out we will plan, strategize and practice the events

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The CrossFit Games
2014 Reebok CrossFit GamesJuly 25th, 2014

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The 2015 #crossfitgames is over and done with. Our athletes are on their way home or are taking a few days to decompress before heading back to their "normal" lives :-) All in all this has been one hell of a year. So many learnings and so many wonderful experiences. We are a young gym and a young team, and this year has laid a strong foundation upon which we can build. We will come back next year stronger, fitter and more well-prepared. Thanks to all who have helped, supported and witnessed. We could not have done it without you. And here's to the team, one last time! 25th fittest team in the world. 2nd fittest team in the South Region. Fittest team in Texas. #CrossFitJääkarhu #PERHE #CrossFit
Coach Winchester


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