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First off today, a little love for RANDY ATKINSON.

Big Boy Randy PR’d his snatch this morning at 205#. For those of you who don’t know, this is a 40# jump from where he started 4 months ago. 40# in 4 months. Do the math, I’ll wait. Yes, that means he has put an average of 10# per month on his snatch.

This is nothing short of amazing, considering the mobility issues that he had (and still has) in his shoulders. But he works on it day after day. Day after day. Practice, hard work, determination, patience and coachability. That’s it. Congrats, Randy.

Second — this weekend I had the opportunity to be a part of the WL camp at CF Deep in D-TOWN, TX. Excellent coaching staff, excellent facility, excellent seminar and excellent athletes. I really can’t tell you how awesome it was to be able to focus on two lifts for an entire weekend: break them down, practice each component and then put it all back together. The more I learn the more I know I have a lot more to learn.

Read about the weekend in its entirety HERE.

Big thanks to Toge for letting us crash at your place (again!) and of course big thanks to Spencer for inviting Ingrid and me to be a part of such a world-class seminar. See you guys and gals soon.

Outlaw Training

BB Gymnastics

20 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.



21-15-9 of:

Deadlifts 225/155#


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12 comments on “13.01.28
  1. MarkB says:

    A) 155 — no cigar
    B) 8:25

  2. Dru Sellers says:

    A) 175 (matches current PR)
    B) 7:21 (all dead lifts unbroken, 1st set of HSPU unbroken, they started to fall apart in the 2nd and 3rd rounds)

  3. Jason Marks says:

    A) 175
    B) 4:24 — 21 set: UB, 15 set: 8+7 DL HSPUs UB, 9 set: DL UB 7+2 HSPUs

    Nice work Randy

  4. Randy Atkinson says:

    A) 205
    B) 6:05

    Thanks coach!

  5. Chels says:

    A. 120
    B. 4:57

  6. Matt Balboa says:

    Snatch PR 185, finally. This was a mental block for me and felt great to overcome.

    Diane: Felt like I was breathing though a straw. DNF@10m, 7 hspu remaining. Still not 100% after having stomach virus last week (missing 3 classes). Getting very dizzy and light headed. I want to try this again soon. I think I can do it in the 5-7m mark. I found a record from June ’12 of 14:44, so I definitely improved upon that. HSPU splits 11/10; 5/5/3/2/; 2

  7. Matt Counts says:

    A. PR by 10 lbs. at 145. 155 lbs. going down next time.
    B. 6:44, still need work on HSPU

  8. The Kingpin says:

    A – 165
    B – 7:15

  9. Feliz says:

    A) 90 – 5 under current PR
    B) – Diane – DNF at 105 lb – still feeling the deadlifts from Friday ( I got sunburned not suntaned) so I went really light. Didn’t realize how many muscles that you use in your lower back to kip a HSPU.

  10. Jeff V says:

    A) 195 – 35 under current PR.
    B) Diane – 6:31 – Need to work on HSPUs.
    Pretty frustrating day.

  11. Josh Harris says:

    A) 155
    B) DNF, 4 HSPU away
    A lot of work needs to be done

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