I took this photo from Natalie’s FB page… hope she doesn’t mind!

I want to give a quick shout-out to two badass people: Natalie McClain and Spencer Arnold. Natalie will be competing at the 2013 CF Games next weekend as the smallest female competitor in the field. I say smallest… but to watch her lift you would not think that she would be able to move heavy weight the way she does… I have had the pleasure of training with Natalie on several occasions, and all I can say is 1) Congratulations, you earned it! and 2) All the other ladies better watch out, Natalie is coming to put on a show and give you all a run for your money.

Spencer one of the people who helped Natalie along the way, programming and coaching her from afar. He put in many countless hours analyzing her lifts, checking her numbers and making sure she was where she needed to be every step of the way. Not bad for a weightlifter… 😉

Also, sorry for the late post — I changed some of the settings on my WordPress, trying to be fancy and stuff, and I could not get the post to load correctly.

ANYways… Today is another recovery day.

In speaking with many of you, I have found that some of you are handling the current volume well. Others however, are not… You are all at different stages in your training. Some of you have many years of experience in athletics and lifting weights, while others do not. This is OK, but realize that if you are struggling now, you had better get on top of your nutrition and recovery.

The volume in the coming months will be much higher than this, and I expect all of you to do what you have to do to be successful. It is not up to me – or anyone else for that matter. It is up to you. If you cannot handle the loading or volume at any point, do what is right and take the necessary steps to remain injury-free and continue on the path to improvement.

Week 2
Training 13.07.20

Recovery Day. Get outside and do something for at least an hour. I know many of you will go to a gym and lift weights. I do not recommend this. But I know that you probably will, if you haven’t already. Remember that the season is long. Don’t get caught up in where you are at this current moment. You have time. Sometimes more is more – and sometimes less is more. Sometimes an extra recovery day will actually help you improve. 

Be smart.


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7 comments on “13.07.20
  1. Did some low intensity movement…
    7 kipping HSPU
    1 mile jog
    30 burpees
    5 kipping HSPU
    3 strict HSPU
    4xME Strict Pullups

  2. Jeremy says:

    Walked (instead of taking the bus) 5 miles to pick up my bike from the shop. Great sunny day, nice and relaxing for body and mental recovery. You’re right, though, coach. I would have rather been hitting the weights. Just gotta trust the program.

  3. JoJo Macias says:

    I didn’t see this till after
    Went to gold gym did some light squats. Scoped the Biceps (curls for the GURLZ)
    Ran 4 miles

  4. Jason says:

    Pole Vaulted today for the first time in 9 months. Jumped 14’6 (PR=16’4) from a half run. Jumped with my buddies who are competing in the Deaf Olympics next week. They both PR’d with 14’1 and 15’1 respectively. One’s a Decathalete, ones a PVer, and both are right up there and poised for a top 3 finish. Should be a good show.

  5. Tracy Wilson says:

    Its the little ones you gotta watch out for!!!!

  6. drusellers says:

    Did a 30 min row (6745m) down a few but back was tight from Friday. So I was happy. Had a nice relaxing day, planning to do some yoga tomorrow.

  7. did alittle warm up and mobility. worked up to 185# 3 pos snatch x7, 10min emom 3 MUs, 3rds 7c2b, 10 box jumps 30in, 15 ghd. just wanted to move alittle, wasnt worried about pushing myself too hard.

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