5 Coaches. 60 Coach/Athletes. 3 Days. #parabellum

1) I want to start this post by saying congratulations to all of you who PR’d today. Grace is not an easy WOD – it requires strength, skill, determination and a whole lot of guts. From the looks of it… Everyone… PR’d. Even J Haynes (though he didn’t post) hit a 1:23. Our young buck Brandon took the time of the day however, with a blazing time of 1:16. 

There were also some pretty huge numbers thrown up on the complex, with both Jeff V and Brandon M hitting 285#. I have no doubt that this is due to their A) Work Ethic, B) Training Environment and C) Training Partners. You are all doing exactly what you need to be doing to get where you want to go. Keep it up.

2) Great post today by Coach House. Read and enjoy. I also wanted to say thank you to Coach House for taking on the GGRX program while I am out of town and lending them his time, energy, knowledge and skills. Big props!

3) The Denver Camp is awesome so far. More details on Monday. I love my job, but miss my Ginger(s).

Week 5 Training: 13.08.10

Recovery Day.

Do anything you want to, but do not lift or tax the CNS. Accumulate at least 1 hour of active, fun and restorative movement.

We are entering into Week 6. This week and next week are the last two weeks of 4x/week training. Starting in Week 7 we will up the ante a little and start adding some Saturday training sessions back into the mix. You will need to be ready and you will need to be on top of your body, nutrition and recovery.


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