The boys from Laredo: Pete (pink shorts) and Zack (black shorts).

Today we had two special guests from Laredo: Pete and Zack. These boys are dedicated CrossFitters and fans of what we’re doing here in Austin. When Zack reached out to me on Twitter, I told him to let me know when they would be in Austin so that I could watch them move. Little did I know they would make the trip so soon! They drove in from Laredo last night, stayed in San Antonio and then woke up and drove in from SA this morning just to hit up a training session with the 0630 crew. That, my friends, is dedication and passion.

The best part? They both move well and can throw weight around with the best of them. No doubt you’ll see these two young bucks at Regionals sometime in the near future. Well-done today gentlemen – you’re welcome to train with us anytime.

Week 7 Training: 13.08.21

A. Strength

Back Squat – R3M

4@70, 4@75, 4@80, 4@85

Front Squat – R2M

5@60, 5@65, 2×5@70

Notes: Stay on the clock.

B. Skill

EMOM x 10: 1 Strict Muscle-Up + 1 Kipping Muscle Up

Notes: The two MU should be done unbroken. 

C. Conditioning

20 Minute AMRAP:

-400m Run
-4 Wall Walks
-200m SandBag Run @ 90/60#
-20 AbMat Situps

D. Recovery

10 Minute Sled Drag: 5 Forwards and 5 Backwards @ 55/35#


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30 comments on “13.08.21
  1. Max says:

    A) done
    B) 0 strict, 5 kipping
    C) DNS ….. Work

  2. Jason says:

    A) Done
    B) Done
    C) 4 rds + 200m/400m Run

  3. JoJo Macias says:

    Matt, You traitor you!

  4. MarkB says:

    A.HBBS) 220/235/250/270
    A.FS) 135/145/160
    B) 0 strict/10 kipping
    C) finished sandbag run at 20:00, but cont’d w/ situps to finish 3rd rnd

  5. A. Done
    B. 0 Strict/ 10 Kipping worked some extras
    C. Through Wall Walks in Round 4

  6. Feliz says:

    A) done
    B) 0
    C) 2 rds plus sandbag run
    D) done

  7. jgwhitefield says:

    A )done
    B) done subbed 1 strict ring pull-up for smu
    C) 2 rounds + 3 wall walks
    D) done

  8. drusellers says:

    A) Done
    B) 18 / 20
    C) 3 rounds and 200/400m
    D) Done

    Nice one today coach! Lots of different mechanics today.

  9. vanlandingbad says:

    A) Done
    B) Few misses on the strict MUs. There was a little kip on some of the strict MUs.
    C) Done
    D) Done

  10. JoJo Macias says:

    A)Done wam bam! thanks elliot for the motivation.
    C) 4 + 4 wall walks + 200 m SBC

  11. Andrew says:

    A) Done off of #320 & #265
    B) 2/10; 10/10. need to work on strict.
    C) Something like 3.5 rounds

  12. A) HBBS: 285 / 305 / 325 / 345
    FS: 195 / 205 / 225
    B) 9 strict/ 10 kipping
    C) 4rds + 150 meter on the run

  13. JeffT says:

    A) Done
    B) 10/10
    C) 4+4 wall walks
    D) Done

  14. Zack says:

    A. Done

    B. All MUs done

    C. Finished 3rds

    D. Done

  15. mlubke says:

    A) Up to 270, up to 180
    B) 10/10
    C) 4 + 400m run + 2 wall walks
    D) done

  16. Pete says:

    A) Done

    B) 7 Srict 10 Kipping

    C) 2+4 Wall Walks

  17. Teo says:

    A) done
    B) complete
    C)4 rds + 400m run + 4 wall walks
    (Really enjoyed the wod + hammy is feeling a lot better)

  18. TAG says:

    A. HBBS: 165/180/190/200
    FS: 120/130/140
    B. done- need to work more strict muscle ups
    C. 3+400m run+4ww+20 sit ups
    D. Done

  19. Jeremy says:

    Had orientation today so I missed the workout. Two days in a row without my 6:30 crew was rough. But I PR’ed Calculus by passing!

  20. the Schrocks says:

    A) Done
    B) 6 strict / 9 kip
    C) 3 rnds + 400 meter run
    D) Done

    A) Done
    B) 10/10
    C) 3 rnds + 50 meter sandbag carry
    D) Done

  21. Lizi says:

    A- done
    B- got my first strict MU then did 7 more!!! 8/10 successful rounds. 2 with a little spot
    C- 3 1/2 rds

  22. LEulenfeld says:

    A) done
    B) worked hanging box MU
    C) 3 rds + 100m run
    D) worked MU kip

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