Another Great One by Mr. John 

Like I mentioned last week, this will be our first De-Load of the season.

Rule #1 of De-Load Week: Do not do any extra work.

Rule #2 of De-Load Week: Do NOT do any extra work.

De-Load weeks are designed, planned and executed for a purpose. I don’t care how “good you feel” or how much you “think you could PR this week” — do not do any extra strength or conditioning work.

You should do the work on the site and then spend the rest of your time recovering well, eating well and sleeping well — and then be ready to go next week at 100%.

If you just HAVE to do something this week because you are mentally and physically incapable of taking one week to “de-load” then please keep it to light skill work. We’re not trying to hold you back – we’re trying to raise you up.

We have four weeks left of our first squat cycle, and I do not want any of you to compromise the potential gains and PRs that you would earn by adding in some silly extra work that you think might help, but in the long run could undo you. Always keep the big picture in mind. It’s not about what you think you could do today. It’s about what you could be able to do in 4 weeks.


Week 9 Training: 13.09.02


A. Back Squat – E3M

5@60, 3@70, 2@80, 2@90, 1@95

B. Front Squat – E2M

5@65, 4@75, 4@80, 4@85

C. Bench Press (Wk. 2) – RAN Between Sets



Tabata: Double Unders


Row 2K @ Conversation Pace

Mobility as Needed

Soft Tissue Work as Needed


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12 comments on “13.09.02
  1. drusellers says:

    A/B/C/Skill – Done

  2. Jeremy says:

    HPG with the guys this morning. The guys except for Randy who was working out with his wife. Who does that?

    Good times, all strength work done but my knee hurts again.

  3. Done except for DU, don’t have speed rope and didn’t want to be judged any more than was already in Gregory (the toolstosterone is suffocating).
    9:05 on the row

  4. A. Done
    B. Done. The skwatting crew all hit that 275 for 4 for the first time today. Boom.
    C. 230/235/240
    D. 39/36/35/36/36/35/38/40

  5. Feliz says:

    A-C done
    Jeremy- I’m not a guy

  6. Jason says:

    Done at the Globo Gym

  7. Brandon Mayernik says:

    A. Done. Squats felt awesome.
    B. 215. third set only hit 6.
    C. DUs 248

  8. Judy McElroy says:

    A. Back Squat: 5@195, 3@230, 2@2, 2@290, 1@315
    B. Front Squat: 5@180, 4@210, 4@220, 5@235
    C. Bench Press: 3×10@185
    D. 32DU x 10 intervals
    E. Row/Mobility done

  9. Andrew says:

    A) Done. worked up to 315, felt great.
    B) Done.
    C) Done @ 185.

  10. Aki says:

    5 weeks post knee surgery
    A) 95,115,125,135,145
    E) Done

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