Up Before the Fish

Noah Villalobos. UT Rugby. 420# Squat. #NBD

Week 9 Training: 13.09.06

“De-Load Week”


A. DeadLift (Week 3): 3×8 @ 74% – Rest As Needed Between Sets

Notes: 1) Every rep should be a single but consecutive rep (no touch-and-go reps; no bouncing the bar). 2) Do not drop from the top: lower the bar back to the ground. 3) Set up every rep the exact same way — execute every rep the exact same way.

Auxiliaries – Start a new movement Every 90 Seconds. **Stay on the clock**

B1. 3×8/8: Bulgarian Split Squat – Front Rack – @45/35# Barbell

B2. 3×8: Good Morning – Light – Slightly Heavier Than Last Week

B3. 3×8: Weighted Supinated Pull-up – Challenging and UnBroken

Notes: Make sure your technique is dialed in on these movements.

BSS: Prop your back foot up on a box or bench. Your front shin should be vertical at the bottom of the split squat. Your back knee should touch or get close to touching the ground. If you choose to weight the movement, you can hold dumbbells or kettlebells down to your side or in the front rack. Keep your torso as vertical as possible.

SPU: Palms face your face. All sets must be challenging, but unbroken.

GM: Back in extension.


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14 comments on “13.09.06
  1. Brett Bolus says:

    A) 275/275/295
    B1) 45/45, 45/45, 45/45
    B2) 65/65/65
    B3) BW/15/15

  2. Jason says:

    A) 295
    B1) 45
    B2) 95
    B3) 40

  3. Morgan says:

    So good to be back!
    A) 295
    B1) 45
    B2) 45
    B3) BW/10/BW

  4. mlubke says:

    A) 275
    B1) 45
    B2) 95
    B3) 35lb

  5. JeffT says:

    A) 260
    B1) 45
    B2) 95
    B3) 35/40/45

  6. vanlandingbad says:

    A) 375
    B1) 45
    B2) 145
    B3) 35

  7. Reid says:

    A) 345
    B1) 45
    B2) 135
    B3) 35

  8. Dru Sellers says:

    A) 295
    B1) 46
    B2) 95
    B3) 40 / 10 / 35

  9. Feliz says:

    A 195

  10. A) 330
    B1) 45
    B2) 135
    B3) BW

  11. Kelli says:

    A. 155/165/175
    B1. 45
    B2. 65
    B3. BW

  12. Judy McElroy says:

    A. DeadLift: 1×8@315, 2×8@335
    B. 3×8/8: Bulgarian Split Squat – Front Rack@35# Barbell
    B2. 3×8: Good Morning@35# Barbell
    B3. 3×8: Weighted Supinated Pull-up 2×8@35#KB, 1×8@53#KB

  13. Kelly C says:

    A. 130
    B. 35
    C. 35
    D. BW

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