Today is what I live for. 

Dedicated athletes. Laser focus. Squawtz.

I got to coach the CC athletes through the 5:30 AM, 6:30 AM, 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM training sessions. I got to workout alongside these animals. Everyone attacked the conditioning as if it was their last WOD. Valuable lessons were learned: physically, psychologically and emotionally.

HUGE PRs were set.

Johnathan Haynes and Ben House both PEE-ARD their “30 MU For Time” during the piece today. In other words: they did 30 Muscle Ups AND 30 Power Cleans @ 185# faster than they had ever done “30 Muscle Ups For Time” (as a stand-alone WOD). 

Special shout out to Judy McElroy for destroying today’s conditioning. From today until the end of time, this workout will be known as “Judy”.

**2nd special shout out to Brooke Yerrington for completing 19 Muscle Ups in one WOD. Before the WOD, she asked me if she should scale the MU… Don’t ever do that again, Brooke 😉

I got to speak with one of my idols, Carey Kepler, about my future, her future, our future and the future of our athletes.

I got to speak with one of my training partners and the best coach you’ve never heard of, Ben House, about technique, tactics and big things on the horizon.

I consulted with my performance coach and longtime friend, Crystal Bold, about the future of my training and the current state of my lifestyle. Plans were laid out and the future is bright. 🙂

I got to coach a young group of eager sponges in the PM (6:45 PM CoEd) at CCDT) through a brilliant 9/11 WOD that they executed with pride. All the while Cora looked on.

I am packing tonight to head out to Green Bay tomorrow to coach a gym full of athletes and coaches looking to take themselves to the next level with a group of expert and badass co-coaches.

I got home tonight to find these T-shirts waiting for me – a gift from the boys and girls at CrossFit Tough As Nails as a thank-you for the Sarasota Camp. Thank’s Hank. I love badass shirts.


And then I open my e-mail to find THIS. Quite possibly the most gracious review of our camp ever from CrossFit for Glory. Once again, thank you, Josh.

Remembering all those who left this world on 9/11/01.

Grateful and blessed to be alive today: 9/11/13. 

Week 10 Training: 13.09.12

Recovery Day. 


1) 30 minute light swim.
2) 30 min brisk walk.
3) Lunge Matrix: 3x BodyWeight. 3x with Driver.

4) 20 min soak in Epsom Salt Bath.
5) Copious amounts of Fish Oil.

Start to mentally focus: Next week we hit 103% in the Squat. This is not testing. This is 103% in your Squat.


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2 comments on “13.09.12
  1. teoledesma says:

    Did some good light work today with Coach House
    while listening to spanish music. peaceful day

  2. Feliz says:

    Swam under the moonlight in Barton Springs, 7 went in and & came out.

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