2012 CF Games Big Bob: Top 3 Hardest Workouts Ever.

An update on yours truly:

There comes a time in everyone’s training that they must decide whether to push forward or hold back – to continue through the hard times or to reevaluate what they are doing and how they are doing it. After many weeks of deliberation and consultation, I have decided that I will not compete this year. I will continue to train – though my training will look vastly different than it has in the past, and it will not be with the goal of making the 2014 CF Central Affiliate Team.

This was an extremely difficult decision to make. The CF Games and Team CC have been a huge part of my life (the biggest?) since 2009, and my singular goal has always been to make the CC Affiliate Team and for us to win gold at the CF Games. This is still my goal – but for the time being my timeline has extended to 2015 😉

This year I am dedicating myself 100% to coaching and programming for Team CC. With the talent that we have on both the men’s and women’s side… It should be more than little fun – a coach’s DREAM! I feel very strongly that I can better serve the team as a coach as opposed to a competitor. I know the athletes – what they need and how they perform their best – and I will also be an experienced insider that can communicate with them and guide them each and every day.

CrossFit is hard – and training for the Games is even harder. I have been dealing with the usual soreness, stiff joints, physical and mental pain for the last 4 years, but this past year was different. I think that the now infamous WOD 6 of the 2013 Regionals was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

I took 6 weeks off after Regionals this year – doing nothing, literally nothing. No yoga, no stretching, no running no lifting, no workouts. My only time spent at the gym was when I was coaching. Upon returning to training, I had *zero* motivation. I expected this, as returning to training is and always has been very hard, both physically and mentally. The 6 weeks was apparently not enough to get myself back to homeostasis.  Now, 11 weeks into training, I am still struggling to find the motivation to push myself to train like I would need to do to be competitive.

Mentally, I have nothing left to give.

Physically, my knee is a swollen ball of dung.

It began just over a year ago with swelling and stiffness that continues through today. Long story short, I’ve spent the last year without terminal extension or flexion of my right knee (I can’t fully straighten my knee, and to bring my heel to my butt is damn near impossible). At one point, I literally could not perform an air squat without using my hands to press off of my knees to get out of the bottom. Everyday I load anything over 95# on a bar and put it on my body, it swells and loses ROM. This was OK when I was training for the Games and for Regionals. I would have sacrificed almost anything to train hard and compete to win. But now things are different, and I must adapt.

My hip and ankle are both locked down and not moving properly, and poor knee is caught in the middle of a shit-storm of dysfunction. This is not something that will heal or fix overnight… and the fact that I was able to back squat 415, front squat 355, snatch and clean & jerk everyday for the last year and not blow out my knee is an absolute miracle.

Enough is enough: I need to take a step back and fix my body and my movement patterns. I need to dial back in on nutrition and supplementation – get stronger and more powerful. I have consulted with many people, but it was Crystal Bold who gave me the best direction and plan for a full and total recovery that would also put me back on track to be better in 2015 than I have ever been. I have never had a coach, and right now, she is the closest thing I have to one. So I’m putting my fitness and my health in her hands. To be honest, it’s a huge mental relief and weight off my chest. It is also very cool knowing that I will be able to dedicate myself fully and totally to my athletes and their success. It will also give me an opportunity to help Ingrid more and guide her through Spencer’s programming as she trains and prepares for 2014.

I am grateful for all the things I have been able to do for and with Team CC – and look forward to competing for the CC’s again in the near future. Excited, hopeful, blessed.




Week 11 Training: 13.09.20

Strength – E2M

A1. Deadlift: 3×5@81

A2. Bench Press: 3×5@81

Auxiliaries – E90S

B1. 3×6/6: Bulgarian Split Squat – Front Rack – Heavier Than Last Week  – Demo Video

B2. 3×6: Good Morning – Heavier Than Last Week – Demo Video

B3. 3×6: Bent Over Row – Supinated Grip – Heavy – Demo Video


C. 10 Min: Soft Tissue Work

D. 10 Min: Mobilize Problem Areas


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23 comments on “13.09.20
  1. Jeremy says:

    Yes! The bro sessions are back!

  2. Max says:

    Strength is cultivated from vulnerability ….. Thanks coach

  3. teoledesma says:

    Thanks for sharing and keeping us informed. We are always here for you as you are there for us. We won’t let you down.
    “Move that bar!!”

  4. Max says:

    A)325# and 180#
    B)had to go to work

  5. Reid says:

    A1. 395
    A2. 280
    B1. 95
    B3. 155

  6. Jeff V says:

    Deads – 425
    Bench – 245

    Split squats – 75/75/95
    GM – 135
    Row – 185/225/205

  7. jmm2270 says:

    A1) 325
    A2) 225
    B1) 135
    B2) 115
    B3) 135

  8. Morgan says:

    a1) 315
    a2) 180
    b1) 50
    b2) 95
    b3) 135

  9. mlubke says:

    Dead – 300
    Bench – 165
    GoodMorn – 105
    SplitSquat – 55
    Row – 135

  10. Jeremy says:

    Great bro sesh today!
    A1) 335
    A2) 235
    B1) 55
    B2) 155
    B3) 165

  11. randallgatkinson says:

    A1) 385
    A2) 235
    B1) 55
    B2) 135
    B3) 155

  12. Dru Sellers says:

    A1) 315
    A2) 185
    B1) 50
    B2) 115
    B3) 135

    Could have gone heavier on the B segment, I will do so next time.

    Heartrate: 64

  13. Feliz says:

    A) 195
    A2) 90
    B1) 35
    B2) 65
    B3) 65 – should have gone heavier on that

  14. JeffT says:

    A1) 280
    A2) 185
    B1) 50
    B2) 115
    B3) 135

  15. Chels says:

    A1. 255
    A2. 120
    B1. 55
    B2. 95
    B3. 100

  16. Don’t worry erreybody, tank got his workout in early cuz i hadz an ekzam 4 skewl

  17. A1) 315
    A2) 245
    B1) 65

  18. teoledesma says:

    A) 355
    B) 190
    C) complete

  19. Brett Bolus says:

    A1) 305
    A2) 195
    B1) 50
    B2) 95
    B3) 135

  20. Jeff McElroy says:

    DL – 315
    Bench – 185
    had to work
    HR – 58, HRV – 66/Amber

  21. Judy McElroy says:

    Jeff and I had to workout by ourselves there was a meeting going on downtown. Motivation low.
    A1. Deadlift: 3×5@365#
    A2. Bench Press: 3×5@205#
    Auxiliaries – skipped. Took every bit of me to finish the strength.

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