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Saturday Training: In the Books.

This past Saturday was, in a word… Awesome. The 5×5 Hang Power Clean really got everyone jacked up to throw around a heavy barbell. My instruction was to load as much weight as possible onto the bar for the sets of 5 (maintaining some semblance of technique…) and the boys and girls did not disappoint… Quite frankly, I was both surprised and impressed by the weights being thrown around by some of our “smaller” athletes: Jason Marks (245×4), Dru Sellers (245×4). The best part is that despite the heavy loading, almost everyone’s technique was on-point. Feet stayed under the hips, they were catching the bar with elbows high and torsos were in almost optimal positions for receiving heavy weight.

photo 2

Jeff Vanlandingham going 5×5 @ 275# – that’s *hang power* clean, people.

Jeff’s lift was preceded by Taylor Deering hitting the biggest lift of the day for our women at 165# for 5. The funny thing is, Taylor is no where near finding what her body is truly capable of in terms of strength or power…

photo 1-2
Then it was on to “Fight Gone Bad”. One of the biggest benefits of following a program and working out alongside your training partners and teammates is the intensity and focus that comes from the collective energy of the group. When you have 30+ people suffering alongside you – pushing you and themselves to be better (lock it out… head through… MOVE THAT BAR) – you cannot help but train smarter, work harder and hit the proper ROM. There is no faking it when you have 30 sets of eyes on you.

Judy McElroy was not to be outdone on FBG: She hit a smooth 416 for the high score of the day. She admitted that not all of her reps were 100% clean, but I witnessed it, and she was moving. 400+ on FGB is not easy, and she was definitely not feeling 100% this week. That being said… she killed it. 🙂

All-in-all, I can say with 100% honesty that the boys and girls in the Program are far surpassing where I thought they could go in terms of both their strength and their conditioning. We still have to clean up some movement patters and hitting all of the points of performance in all of our movements, but they are moving well, showing more experience by the day and are on track to make their mark this Season.

I’ll leave you with the following two videos: The first is the last three reps of Jeff V’s 5×5@275 (I couldn’t get the camera going fast enough to get the first two). It just looks… easy.

The second is of Randy Atkinson getting 4/5 @ 275. (Video quality is not good, I know). This is spectacular considering Randy’s 1-RM clean is 275 (Technique work off the ground anyone…? 1st and 2nd pull anyone…?) but the best part of the video is our beloved Tank (aka: Meat) in the background. It’s like Christmas morning for the lil guy. It’s kids like this that bring the energy and the joy back to lifting. Love having you with us, Tank. Enjoy y’all.

Week 12 Training: 13.09.23


A. Back Squat – E2M

5@60, 5@70, 2×5@75

B. Front Squat – E2M

5@65, 5@70, 5@75


4 rounds, each for time:
-100m Sprint
-Jog Back to the Start Line

Notes: For this first piece, you should not slow to a walk at any point. Your recovery is your jog back to the start line. 

-Then: Immediately After the Last Sprint: For Time-

-100m Dual KB Rack Carry @ 32/24
-100 Double Unders
-100 Hand-Release Pushups
-100 Double Unders
-100m Dual KB Rack Carry @ 32/24


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30 comments on “13.09.23
  1. Jeremy says:

    Awesome! Training was definitely the best part of my weekend. Well, that and getting to see the Longhorns win, but mostly the training thing. If Saturday training continues to be this awesome, I don’t even think I’ll miss Friday night drinking.

  2. Max says:

    A) Done
    B) got through 50 hrpu then had to work

    It seems as though I misplaced jump rope

  3. Brett Bolus says:

    A) 225/265/295/275 (Didn’t feel solid today on BS)
    C) Done

  4. mlubke says:

    -> 235 BS
    -> 185 FS
    Between 19:00 and 19:30. I’m just turrible at pushups. Homework.

  5. Jeremy says:

    A) Done
    B) Done
    C) 21:58
    Homework: 3 sets of strict pronated pullups to MVF.

  6. Feliz says:

    A) did goblett squats a few inches away from wall with band around legs – 2×10 @ 20 & 3X10 @ 24
    B) 1/4 squats – worked up to 225
    Conditioning: 24:34 with 20K

  7. vanlandingbad says:

    Squats – Done
    Cond – Done, didn’t use a clock and Jason wasn’t there to count my reps and time.

  8. A) 245 / 285 / 305
    B) 205 / 225 / 235
    Conditioning: 14:31

  9. MarkB says:

    A) 190 / 220 / 235
    B) 145 / 160 / 170
    Cond) 19:49

  10. Dru Sellers says:

    A) Done
    B1) 20.92 / 24.7 / 25.45 / 21.30
    B2) 15:40.39

    Yowza, triceps and bicep tendons.

  11. Matt Counts says:

    A) 185, 210 & 225
    B) 155, 165 & 175
    C) Conditioning – 17:16

  12. JeffT says:

    A) 190/205/235
    B) 140/160/170
    Conditioning) 15:18

  13. Harris says:

    A) 370 +10lb pr
    Front= done
    B) done

  14. Squats – Done
    Conditioning – 23:17

  15. The Schrocks says:

    A) Done
    B) Done
    Sprints –
    Cond –

    A) Done
    B) Done
    Sprints –
    Cond –

  16. A. Done
    B. Done
    C. Sprints 14-16
    D. 13:44

  17. Chels says:

    Sprints 17-18
    Conditioning- 15:56

  18. Taylor Deering says:

    A) didn’t squat- got tapped up by Dave, literally can’t squat ( damn rock tape) will squat tomorrow to make up, when the tape losens up a bit
    B) done
    C) 13:56. Whew

  19. JoJo Macias says:

    First day underweights in a week. And definitely felt it…
    C) 13/14/15/18
    Cond – Way slower than expected.

  20. kellipugh27 says:

    A/B. Done – went easy on my knee
    C. row 125m x 4 – 27/26/26/26
    D. 21:00 – 16kg KB, DUs were a little off due to my knee

  21. A. 245/285/305
    B. 190/225/240
    C. 14/14/14/19
    D. 18:44

  22. Morgan says:

    a) 170/200/210
    b) 155/165/175
    Sprints: 17/18/18/19
    Conditioning – Done

  23. Kyle Miller says:

    a) Done
    b) Done
    c) Scaled running and DUs with rowing

  24. Jenn Scholl says:

    A) done
    B) done
    C) 400’s: 18/18/17/16 finished total time at 21:05

  25. david riley says:

    A/B) done
    C) 15/14/15/14

    Super sore today from the weekend!

  26. Lizi says:

    A- done
    B- sprints: 18/15/16/16. Cond: 14:55.

  27. Zach says:

    Z. Hill
    A) 225, 265, 280×2
    B) 190, 205, 220
    C) All together 14:05

  28. Kelly C says:

    A. Done
    B. done
    D. 16:40 (I messed up and accidently did farmers carry. Didn’t realize until later that it was rack carry. Fail.)

  29. Judy McElroy says:

    A. Back Squat: 5@207/5@240/5@255/5@255
    B. Front Squat: 5@180/5@190/5@205
    C. Sprints: Pulled my hamstrings on first one, sucks to get old
    D. WOD: 12:23

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