Jeff V & Brandon M: Battle Prep

Good luck to all the CC athletes competing this weekend at the Athlete Open. #blacktide

Jeff and Brandon wanted a little battle prep on their snatch – I happened to be at the gym, so it worked out nicely.

Jeff hit an easy 240 for a 5# PR (he went 14/15 on the day). Brandon went 14/15 as well, missing 270 by millimeters… It would have been (and will be) a 5# PR.

Here’s Jeff new 240.

Week 12 Training: 13.09.27

Strength – E2M

A1. Deadlift: 2×5@85

Notes: Each rep should be a single. No touch and go reps. Set up and execute the same way every time. Do not drop from the top.

A2. Bench Press: 2×5@85

Auxiliaries – E90S

B1. 3×6/6: Barbell Box Step Up – Front Rack – Heavier Than Last Week

Notes: The box should be high enough that your knee begins above your hip. Maintain as vertical a torso as possible, elbows high and use only your working leg for the entire ROM of the movement.

B2. 3×6: Good Morning – Heavier Than Last Week

B3. 3×6: Pendlay Row – Heavy


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18 comments on “13.09.27
  1. Randall Atkinson says:

    Boom, JV!

  2. Matt Counts says:


  3. drusellers says:

    A1) Done
    A2) Done
    B1) 65#
    B2) 115#
    B3) 155#

  4. Max says:

    A1) Done
    A2) Done
    B1) 45#
    B2) 115#
    B3) 155#

    Good luck guys

  5. vanlandingbad says:

    Thanks guys.

    Did some rowing, jogging, layed on the floor and played DJ for awhile. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  6. Reid says:

    A1) 405
    A2) 295
    B1) 95
    B2) 115
    B3) 175

  7. Matt Counts says:

    A1) 340
    A2) 185
    B1) Just the bar
    B2) 135
    B3) 115

  8. JeffT says:

    A1) 295
    A2) 190
    B1) 45/65/85
    B2) 135
    B3) 95/115/135

  9. Jeremy says:

    A1) 355
    A2) 250
    B1) 45
    B2) 165
    B3) 165

    Ready to smash the comp tomorrow! I mean, ready to compete for fun. I mean, for breast cancer. Or something.

  10. Morgan says:

    A1) 335
    A2) 190
    B1) 65
    B2) 115
    B3) 155
    Good luck to everyone competing tomorrow!

  11. Feliz says:

    did some Power Cleans, rowed a little, & streched.
    Jeff-that looked easy. Let’s see 245 tommrow

  12. Jeremy says:

    And I nearly forgot! I was mistakenly called Randy today. It was the best day ever.

  13. A1) 405
    A2) 275
    B1) 45
    B2) 135
    B3) 135

  14. dendrens says:

    A1) 365
    A2) 155
    B1) 95
    B2) 135
    B3) 135

  15. A1) 375 spicy
    A2) 275/285
    B1) 45 across
    B2) Green Band
    B3) 185 across

  16. Jason says:

    A1) 335
    A2) 235
    B1) 135
    B2) 135
    B3) 135
    Worked Jerk from blocks

  17. Judy McElroy says:

    Took a rest day for Athlete Open tomorrow. Worked on some tech.
    Did warm up, mobility, cool down.

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