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Just some of the action from this weekend’s Athlete Open…

This is what it’s all about people: training partners, friends and family getting together to celebrate what we do and put ourselves to the test. There’s only one way to find out where you stand, and this weekend many of our athletes did just that. I am incredibly proud and happy to see them A) Compete — put themselves out there and put their feet to the flames and B) Represent our program and our gym so well. Great athletes, great people.

Some pretty big lifts were hit this weekend (hopefully I’ll have some more of the videos by tomorrow) – but this was probably one of my favorites: Jaime Shauger with a 215# Jerk. As John Dill would say: “CAKE WEIGHT!”

Another great weekend at another great Camp! Big thanks to Apollo CrossFit for being gracious and badass hosts! This weekend we had what might be considered the “most all-star” staff in the history of the OLW camps. Rudy, Spencer, John, Mike and I were joined by Emily Carothers, Brandon Phillips, Jared Fleming, Paul Estrada and Paul Castaneda. I have never seen so much weight being thrown around as I did this weekend.

For those of you who don’t know Jared Fleming, google him. Now. This dude is about as legit as they come, and I can’t wait to see what he and Spencer can do for USA Weightlifting in the next couple of years. Glad to have met you all this weekend.

Week 13 Training: 13.09.30


A. Extended Warm-Up, Mobility, Soft Tissue Prep, and Skill Work

This should be a very intense week of testing. The volume will be significantly lower, but we will be doing everything between 90% and 100%+ intensity and loading. Please take care of the physical, mental and emotional throughout the week.

If you competed this weekend, make sure you have done everything you can do to come back and start the week fresh and recovered.

EVERYONE: Make sure you are taking your Resting Heart Rate when you wake up in the AM. This should be done everyday, as we have discussed previously. It will help you during weeks like these and especially with the training that we have coming up int he next couple of weeks.

B. HSPU Test 

1 Min ME Strict HSPU
-Rest 2 Minutes-
1 Min ME Kipping HSPU

C. Muscle Up Test

1 Attempt ME UB Muscle Ups
-Rest 2 Minutes-
1 Attempt ME UB Muscle Ups


CrossFit Jääkarhu is a local community in Austin, Texas that is focused on identifying goals, coaching progress and getting results. If you are interested in learning more about our gym, visit our main website (click here). About CrossFit Jääkarhu Programs Available How to Start

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37 comments on “13.09.30
  1. Max says:

    A) good warmup
    B) 5/9 (last 4/6)
    C) 1/1 (last 0/0)

    ……. Progress.

  2. Jason says:

    A) Done
    B) 27/16 — Last 22/17
    C) 14/6 — Last 10/8

  3. Jeff V says:

    HSPUs – 16/16
    MUs – 13/8

  4. Morgan says:

    HSPUs – 5/13
    MUs – 7/6

  5. Harris says:

    Hspu 16/17
    Mu 8/7

  6. Feliz says:

    HSPU 10/6 – both kipping
    MU 0/0

  7. Dru Sellers says:

    A) Done
    B) 8 / 17 – Last 7 / 11
    C) 3 /3 – Last 1/1
    Heartrate: 64

  8. Kyle Miller says:

    HSPU 14/11
    MU 5/3

  9. The Schrocks says:

    A) Done
    B) 9/13
    C) 4/2

    A) Done
    B) 13/12
    C) 13/5

  10. MarkB says:

    A) Done
    HSPU) 5/9
    MU) 3/2

  11. A) Yes
    B) 21 / 19
    C) 11 / 2

  12. mlubke says:

    HSPU – 18, 14
    MU – 7, 4

  13. JeffT says:

    A) Done
    B) 27 / 30
    C) 9 / 5

  14. The Kingpin says:

    A) complete
    HSPU) 10/18
    MU) 8 / 4

    (I was on track last week, too, but AWOL here on the board. Disappointing.)

  15. JoJo Macias says:

    A) Done
    B) 30/34

    Very pleased with these results. Seeing a lot of improvement. Thanks so much for the amazing programing

  16. coachjeffmck says:

    HSPU — 16/25

    MU — 14/7

  17. A) Done
    B) 5/19
    C) 8/4

  18. Jeremy says:

    Sadly, I had one of “those mornings” and didn’t even wake up in time to make it. The good news is, I’m recovering, eating well, and getting ready to hit testing tomorrow.

  19. Kelli says:

    A. Done
    B. 0/3 – kipping hurt my knee
    C. 0/0 – practicing progressions

  20. Brett Bolus says:

    HSPU – 16/11
    MU- 5/3

  21. Matt Counts says:

    A) Done
    B) 11/11
    C) 6/4
    Heart Rate this morning – 60

  22. Lizi says:

    HSPU- 8/23
    MU- 6/5

  23. david riley says:

    Strict hspu 18
    Kipping 22

    Mu 10
    Mu 6

  24. Brandon mayernik says:

    A. Done
    B. 0/5
    C. 10/5

  25. Brooke Yerrington says:

    A) done
    B) 7/21
    C) 2/1

  26. Taylor Deering says:

    HSPU: 12/10 (yep more strict that kipping, story of my life)
    MU: 0/0 (worked strict for 1, then a kip for practice)

  27. Kelly C says:

    HSPU: 8/10 – was not my best day
    MU: 0/0 working on progression

  28. Carey says:

    HSPU – 17/22
    MU – 7/4

  29. Judy McElroy says:

    A. done
    B. 14/20 Felt tired today from competition, not my best here F@#k
    C. 10/7 blah…

  30. Evan Partch says:

    HSPU: 9 / 16
    MU: 10 / 3
    Unfortunately, second round of MU’s lost my rhythm on the 3rd rep and dropped.

  31. Curt F (Masters 45-49) says:

    HSPU : 20/17
    MU : 9/7 (had to do bar MU. No rings at gym)

  32. Aki says:

    HSPU 1/10
    MU 00

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