1-2 Finish: Karen Pierce and Judy McElroy finish atop the podium for Team CrossFit Central – #CCPride

Great weekend all-around.

We had 5 athletes at Oktoberfest Obliteration in Houston, and all finished very strong:

Karen Pierce: 1st: RX
Judy McElroy: 2nd: RX
Brandon Mayernik: 6th: RX
Chelsea Ross: 11th: RX
Jeff McElroy: 25th: Scaled

These athletes have worked very hard, and we are very proud of where they are, where they have come from, and where they are going.

At Saturday’s training session, 4 lifts stand out in my mind:
  1. Melissa Feliz hits a triple-digit snatch. It’s been a while, and she finally earned it. Well-done Melissa.
  2.  Kelly Childers PRs her Snatch and her Clean & Jerk. I think she was the only athlete to PR both.
  3.  Randy Atkinson Snatches 225#. Two wheels.
  4.  Jeff Vanlandingham Snatches 245# and Cleans 315# (needs to work on the jerk). Three wheels.
I caught two on video:

Randy Snatches 225# (PR)

Jeff Cleans 315# (PR)

Week 16 Training: 13.10.21


A. 5×1: 2 Cleans + 1 Jerk – AHAP – E90S

Notes: This is 2 cleans followed by 1 jerk. Clean, drop, clean & jerk.


B1. 3×3: Clean Pull @ 105% – E60S

B2. 3×3: Push Press – AHAP – E60S

Notes: Use straps on the clean pulls. The push presses must be touch and go. Reload as you bring the bar down and explode directly into your next rep. If you have to catch the bar to reset, the set will not “technically” count.


C. 20-min AMRAP:

-200m SandBag Run
-200m Run
-200m Dual Farmer Carry @ 24/16
-20 Burpee to Plate


D1. 3×10: Barbell Bicep Curls – Light to Moderate Weight (DO NOT GO HEAVY)
D2. 3xME: Toes to Bar – DO NOT RIP


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26 comments on “13.10.21
  1. Max says:

    Shit ….. Jeff, it looks like you coulda power cleaned that.

    Great lifts guys!

  2. Jeremy says:

    Since it’s now after midnight and I’m still slaving away on this lab report with the exam tomorrow, I’d say it’s a safe bet I won’t be able to get anything out of a 5:30 training session. This missing workouts thing is getting old.

  3. Max says:

    A) 215/225/235(f)/235/245 (10# PR …… I couldn’t stand by while y’all had all the fun on Saturday)
    B1) 275#
    B2) 185#
    C) 2 rounds + 150m farmers carry
    D1) 45#
    D2) 3-5 TTB

  4. Jason says:

    A) 225/235/245/250/255(f-jerk)
    B1) 285
    B2) 185
    C) 3 rds on the nose
    D1) 45
    D2) 10/10/15 — Grip!

  5. drusellers says:

    A) 225/235/235/240(f-jerk)/240
    B1) 285
    B2) 185
    C) 2 rds + farmers walk + burpees + 100m sandbag
    D1) 45#
    D2) 10/7/8

  6. mlubke says:

    A) Up to 195
    B1) 235
    B2) 140
    C) 3rds + ~150m farmer carry (started on farmer carry)
    D1) 55
    D2) 15,12,16

  7. Matt Counts says:

    A) 4 sets at 185 – worked on technique more than weight
    B1) 235
    B2) 155
    C) Done
    D1) 65
    D2) 15 / 15 / 15

  8. Reid says:

    A) 255
    B1) 315
    B2) 215
    C) Done
    D1) Done
    D2) Done

  9. jeffmcelroy says:

    A) 225 x 5
    B) 275
    B) 185
    C) 3 rounds. Subs. 45 plate overhead 200m, 200 run, carry 2 45 lb plates 200m, 20 Burpees to plate
    D) had to go to work

  10. Brett Bolus says:

    A)195/205/205/215/225 (failed jerk)
    B1) 265
    B2) 185 (1 good rep in third set)
    C) 2 rounds plus 200m farmers carry
    D1) 45
    D2) 5/7/9

  11. Morgan says:

    a) 4 x 185, 205
    b1) 225
    b2) 135
    c) 2 Rounds in 14:00
    d1) 45
    d2) 15/12/14

  12. A) 235 / 245 / 255 / 265 filed on jerk / 260
    B1) 295
    B2) 185 / 185 / 205
    C) 3 rounds
    D1 & D2… DND… work

  13. Feliz says:

    A) 85/95/105/110/115
    B1) 125
    B2) 75/85/95
    C) 2 rds plus run
    D1) 35
    D2) did not do – toes still do not want to touch the bar

  14. A) 245/275/275/305f/305f
    B1) 305
    B2) 135/185/205
    C) 2 rounds + 100m run
    D1) 45/45/65
    D2) 5/10/7

  15. Chels says:

    A. 140/150:155/160/165
    B1. 185/185/190
    B2. 125/130/135
    C. 3+80ish m sandbag run
    D1. 35 lb
    D2. 25/25/20

  16. Kelli says:

    A. 95/100/100/105/105
    B1. 120
    B2. 75
    C. 3 + 200m sandbag run
    D1. 35#
    D2. 5/5/5 – practicing on stringing them together

  17. House says:

    A. 205 to 245 (f on jerk) Clean felt nice. Jerk felt soft like Charmin.
    B1. 315
    B2. 185
    C. 3 rounds plus 150m ish of KB walk. Started on Farmers Carry
    D1. Did some Curls
    D2. 15/17/20

  18. Zach says:

    A) 255, 265, 270, 275, 285 Jerks need work but got em!
    B1) 315
    B2) 225
    C) 3 rounds + 200 m run (subbed 50# vest for sandbag)

  19. Kelly C says:

    A. 85/90/90/95/95 (worked on catching in squat)
    B1. 135
    B2. 85
    C. 2 rounds + sandbag + run + 20m into kb carry
    D. DNF – work

  20. Brandon mayernik says:

    A. 135 no jerk
    B1. 245
    B2. 135/165
    C. 2rds plus everything but farmer carry
    D1. 65
    D2. Did not do
    Still trying to recover from this weekend. Shoulders weren’t having it today. Just wanted to move alittle.

  21. teoledesma says:

    A) up to 225
    B) 275
    C) 175,185,195

  22. Taylor Deering says:

    A) 135/145/155/165 then 195… That wasn’t coming up today. I honestly had no idea what was on the bar I just went for it. It’s coming, I will get you 195
    B1) 195#
    B2) worked up to 125#

    C) started in farmer carry, completed 3 full rounds + 100 m farmer carry
    D) 35 lb curls, 11/11/11

  23. Lindsay Eulenfeld says:

    A) up to 140# Right scapula (injured shoulder) felt very unstable.
    B1) 160#
    B2) 95#/125# fail last rep and not touch and go/105# a bit light but solid
    C) 2 rds plus SB plus run plus 100m farmers carry
    D) 35#/45#// Sets of 5 on toes to bar (trying to let a tear recover)

  24. The Kingpin says:

    185/195/205/215 (fail on 2nd clean)/215 (fail on jerk)
    B1) 245
    B2) 165
    C) 3 rds (no sandbag carries)

  25. a) 165-175-180-185-190
    b1) 215
    b2) 145-155-160
    c) 3 rounds plus SB, run, and 3 steps of farmers carry
    d) 35lb bb on the curls, t2b 21-18-16

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