This kid… (Photo Courtesy of Rabah Rahil)

1) Congrats to Max K on his 10# Clean & Jerk PR today — literally came out of nowhere. Well-earned, sir.

2) Coach House has been on fire recently.

3) Jeremy Ross (aka Kylar Stern) has written a piece for us, at my behest. Please read, enjoy, and post any and all comments and/or questions below. Jeremy has an incredible passion for this stuff, and it’s always fun to delve into the nuances of fitness and CF specifically (aka: geek-out). Glad to have guys like Jeremy around to add the nerd factor to what would otherwise be a simple meat-head-bro-sesh. 

Week 16 Training: 13.10.22


A. Snatch 5×2 – Heavy – E90S

Notes: Go by feel.


B1. 3×3: Snatch Pull – AHAP – E60S

B2. 3×3: Snatch Push Press – AHAP – E60S


C. Back Squat: 10×3@65% – AFAP – E60S


500m Row Sprint

Notes: This should be an absolute ALL OUT effort @ 100%. Leave it all on the Erg. 



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36 comments on “13.10.22
  1. Soy Leche says:

    All out blood bath

  2. Jeremy says:

    A) I had a bad snatch day. Missed 3 full rounds at 185 because I’m too big of a p*ssy to get the bar back.
    B1) 225– this bar stayed back
    B2) 195/195/205
    C) 225– thanks to Randy for keeping me from doing 3 sets of 10 reps
    D) 1:34.8

  3. drusellers says:

    Good Stuff Jeremy.

    A) 155/165(-f)/165/175/185(-f)
    B1) 215/215/225 (this felt solid, but I could use more work here. keeping the bar close took mental effort today)
    B2) 135/185/195 <- should have gone heavier
    C) 190
    D) 1:31.3 / 1:41.7 (coach is an evil bastard)

  4. Jeff McElroy says:

    @ globo gym Arizona
    A) e90s Snatch 5 x 2x: 155/155/155/155/155,
    B1) e60s Snatch Pull 3×3: 185
    B2) e60s Snatch press 3×3: 135/135/135
    C) e60s Squats 10 x 3: 225
    D) wouldn’t let me use the C2rower cuz that is for classes only????????, went back to hotel, no battery in C2 so I rowed hard for 1:30, i bet I went 503 meters

  5. mlubke says:

    A) 135. Snatch was frustrating Sat and today. Things click when we work from the 3 positions, but when I jump straight in to full snatch from the ground, shit breaks down
    B,C done
    D) 130.something

  6. Jason says:

    A) 185/190/195/200(-f)/205(ff-)
    B1) 215/225/225
    B2) 135/185/195
    C) 220
    D) 131.7

  7. Max says:

    A) 155/165/165/175(f 2nd)/175(f)
    B1) 185/205/205
    B2) 155/165/185
    C) done @ 210#
    D) 1:36

  8. A) 185/205/225/235(1/2, PR)/235(1/2)
    B1) 225
    B2) 135/185/205
    C) 265
    D) 1:31.6/1:43

  9. Taylor Deering says:

    A) 115×2/120×2/125×1/missed both at 120/ 120×1

    – snatch is just in consistent with me at this point, just need reps at heavier weight. I took it down to 120 to make sure and hit those sets, although I missed a few. Gotta get better.

    B1) 140 snatch pull
    B2) 95/105 snatch push press

    C) 190 on the squat
    D) 1:40.1/147.6

    Legs be donzo

  10. david riley says:

    A) 170
    B) 185
    B2) 185, 195, 205
    C) 225
    D) 1:29. 1:40

  11. Chels says:

    Not feeling great today ;( hopefully it’s just a 1 day thing

    A. 105/110/115×1/120×1/125×1- energy was completely drained after 1 rep
    B1. 135
    B2. 105/125/135
    C. 155
    D. 2k row at conversational pace

  12. vanlandingbad says:

    A) 175 (failed second).
    Bs) Done
    C) 275
    D) 1:26 and 1:35

  13. Randall Atkinson says:

    A. 185/195 (1/2)/195/205/210
    B1. 225
    B2. 195/205/215
    C. 275
    D. 128.8 and 143.3

  14. A. 225/235/245/255/did not have time
    B1. 285/275/275
    B2. 225/245/255
    C. 265
    D 1:19/1:56

  15. House says:

    A. 175/185/195/225(f/f)/225(f/make)
    B1. 245 across
    B2. 185/205/225(no dice)
    C. 245
    D. 1:29.3/1:34.7

  16. Kyle Miller says:

    A) worked up to 175 on 4th set, missed 185 on last set
    B) Done
    C) 255
    D) 126.8/ 1:59

  17. Jeff V says:

    D) 126.0 and 135.5

  18. Morgan says:

    a) 155/155/155/165 (1/2) /165 (0/2)
    b1) 185/185/205
    b2) 155/165/185
    c) 195
    d) 129.2 / 1:33.9

  19. Lindsay Eulenfeld says:

    A) 105/110 f-first lift/110 f-second lift/110/115 f-second lift
    B1) 125/135/135
    B2) 105/125
    C) 125# on squat
    D) 1:53/2:10 playing with different strides and resistances on the rower….didn’t seem to help

  20. Zach says:

    A) 175
    B) working out at station, got a call no mas working out. I’ll try to catch up in the morning

  21. Brett Bolus says:

    A) 155- 8/10
    B1) 205
    B2) 155
    C) 245
    D) 1:26.3/ 146.8

  22. kellipugh27 says:

    A. 75/75(hit/f)/75/80(f/hit)/80
    B1. 100
    B2. 75/80/85
    C. 110
    D. 1:50/2:00 — could have pushed harder on the second row .. mentally checked out for a few seconds half way through.

  23. MarkB says:

    A) 135–>155
    B1) 185
    B2) 135–>155
    C) 205
    D) 1:34/143

  24. Feliz says:

    A) 75-90
    B) 125
    B2) 75,85,90
    C) Buns of Steal – 205 up to 265 – need to start at a heavier weight next time
    D) 1:53 & 2:02

  25. Kelly C says:

    A. 65
    B1. 95
    B2. 55/65/75
    C. 2:04/2:12 – not happy with my scores but when I looked back at my log book, my last 500m row sprint time was 3:10- ha!

  26. Jenn Scholl says:

    A. 105/115/115/120/125
    B1. 135
    B2. 105/115/125
    C. 135
    D. 1:55

  27. a) 125-130-135-140(1)-140(2)
    b1) 160
    b2) 125-135-145
    c) 155
    d) 1:44 – 2:01

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