#TBT. I know it’s “Friday”. But it’s actually Thursday, so…


Week 16 Training: 13.10.25

-800m Jog @ Conversation Pace
-Standard Dynamic Warmup
-Squat Matrix
-Pushup Matrix
-7-Point Lunge Matrix Unweighted
-7-Point Lunge Matrix @ Dual 5#/2.5#


2 rounds:

1 min ME Nose & Toes Shoulder Touches
1 min ME Hollow Hold to Arch Hold
1 min ME Plank Hold on Rings & Box
1 min ME PullUp Hold with Chin Over Rings

Notes: “ME” here means that I want you to accumulate as much time as you can within the minute of PERFECT work. Your positioning and execution should all be as perfect as possible. If it starts to get sloppy, take a quick break and then get back to it. 

N&T Shoulder touches: Find yourself on the wall with only the nose and toes in contact with the wall. Perform shouder touches (aka chest-facing wall-runs) for as much of the minute as possible.

Hollow / Arch Hold: Transition smoothly between the hollow position and the arch position on the ground. Hold each for a 2-3 count, and then transition back.

Plank Hold on Rings: Set up rings at the same height as a box. Perform a plank hold with feet on the box and hands in the rings. Look for external rotation of the hands in this hold — palms facing forward would be ideal. Make sure to keep the elbows locked out.

Pull-Up Hold: Set up rings to a height similar to that of a pull-up bar. Pull yourself over the bottom of the ring and hold this position (isometric pull-up hold).


1 min ME KB Snatch R @ 24/16

2 min ME Burpees to 45# Plate

1 min ME KB Snatch L @ 24/16

2 min ME KB Swing at 24/16

1 min ME KB Snatch R @ 24/16

2 min ME Double Unders

1 min ME KB Snatch L @ 24/16


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14 comments on “13.10.25
  1. Jeremy says:

    Skills were tough, but good. Then,

  2. Morgan says:

    25, 30, 18, 35, 13, 106, 13
    My shoulders outlasted my motor on this one.

  3. randallgatkinson says:

    25 / 30 / 21 / 40 / 13 / 120 / 13

  4. Feliz says:


  5. vanlandingbad says:

    I was in attendance. Didn’t do a good job of counting.

  6. MarkB says:

    21 / 20 / 18 / 24 / 12 / 80 / 12 –> 187

  7. Jason says:

    223, not sure of breakdown. Just moved steadily through it.

  8. House says:

    Warm Up – Done
    Skill – Done
    23/33/16/45/11/167/12 – 307

  9. Zach says:

    A) Done, and hard!
    B) 28, 32,20,48,16,160,16. T=320

  10. Lindsay Eulenfeld says:

    Unexpected rest day due to work. Curses. Will do my best to make this one up this weekend. Globo gym, here I come.

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