Happy Halloween

Week 16 Training: 13.10.25 – Brought to you by Chelsea Ross of TAG Gymnastics

Warm Up

3 rounds Not For Time:
-200 m run
-10 Push Ups
-20 Hollow Rocks
-30 Wall Running Taps (Chest-Facing Wall)


10 Minutes: Handstand-Walking Practice

Level 1- Walk to wall — 5 V-Ups every time you do not make it to the wall
Level 2- 2-4 Steps + Forward Roll — 5 V-Ups every time you miss the forward roll
Level 3- 100m HS walk: 5 V-Ups every time you come down


20 Minute AMRAP:
-10 KBS @ 32/24
-15 Pull-Ups


3 Rounds Not For Time:

-7 Leg Raises to an L-Hang
-7 Toes 2 Bar from an L-Hang
-7 Toes 2 Bar


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18 comments on “13.11.01
  1. vanlandingbad says:

    Warm-up: done
    Skill: done – did the level 3 version. Pretty sure I’d hurt myself doing a forward roll
    Cond – 8-9ish rounds. Did PU until the 10 min mark and then switched to ring rows
    Midline – T2B from L-hang wasn’t happening

    Dudes in the morning classes – give yourself/your cloths a sniff test in the morning… If you smell at the beginning of class, you smell like satan’s taint by the end of class. It’s bad.

  2. Feliz says:

    warm up-done
    skill-Level 1
    Conditioning – 5 rounds plus 3 pullups
    Midline- did L raises to a L hang – toes are not touching the bar

  3. Reid says:

    Warm-up: Done
    Skill: L3
    Cond: 8-9
    Midline: Done

  4. Warm up: Done
    Skill: L3
    Conditioning: 9rds
    Midline: Ouch
    Well said, Jeff… Well said.. Just because there are skin flaps and hair on the rubber, doesn’t mean you have to try and stank up the place…. Deodorant = Good

  5. MarkB says:

    Warm up: Done
    Skill: L2 w/ lots of V-ups
    Cond: 7rds
    Midline: not able to do T2B from L hang

  6. Warmup: Done
    Skill: L3&2
    Midline: Can’t do T2B from L

  7. The Kingpin says:

    Warm up: Done
    Conditioning: 7 rds + HSPU
    not yet time for skill or midline

  8. JoJo Macias says:

    Warm up : DONE
    Conditioning: 11 rds 10 kb swings.
    Midline : Done

  9. Matt Counts says:

    Warm-up: Done
    Skill: L3
    Cond: 8 rds
    Midline: Done

  10. Chels says:

    Warm up-done
    Skill: L3
    Midline- done

    Attention GGRX athletes: the tape on the bars is disgusting!!!!! There is a rule at the gym that you must take the tape off the bars at the end of the day. It is obvious that this has not been happening! Karen and I took all the tape off the rig after the workout and it was so bad that some of it wasn’t even remotely sticky anymore and there was rust and/or blood on it?!!! If you want to have nice things, take care of the stuff we already have!

  11. Dru Sellers says:

    Warm-up: Done
    Skill: L3
    Conditioning: 5~ rounds
    Midline: done (but lots of L sits)

  12. Jeff V says:

    So to recap.

    Washing your cloths, wearing deodorant and taking the tape of the rig. Good.

    Not washing your cloths, wearing deodorant or taking tape off the rig. Bad.

  13. david riley says:

    Conditioning: 9 pull ups short of 10 rounds

  14. House says:

    Made up Bench and Weighted Chinups from Yesterday
    Skill- Done 65 ft PR with turn against Diesel
    Cond – 11 rounds inverted rows
    T2B – Done
    Also, I am going to start flossing. Just thought ya’ll should know.

  15. Zach says:

    A) Done
    B) 25 ft walks 5 v ups
    D) out of time

  16. teoledesma says:


  17. Ingrid K. says:

    did the warm up on Saturday before the Saturday work. might do the amrap on sunday…

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