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Be grateful for what you have, who you are and where you are.

Make everyday count.

Continue to strive for what you want, who you want to be and where you want to be.

Week 17 Training: 13.11.02

Warm-Up properly for ALL of the following.

Set up and/or be prepared for ALL of the following.

With a continuously running clock:

0-12 minutes: A. Establish a 1-RM Clean & Jerk.

12-15 minutes: Transition.

15-27 minutes: B. Establish a 1-RM Snatch.

27-30 minutes: Transition.

30-45 minutes: C. Establish a 3-RM Front Squat.

45-60 minutes: Transition, WOD Setup.

At 60 minutes: Conditioning:

5-4-3-2-1: Muscle Ups

15-12-9-6-2: Weighted GHD Situps with 6# Med Ball

45-36-27-18-6: Double Unders

Notes: Perform 5 Muscle-Ups, then 15 Weighted GHD Situps, then 45 Double Unders. Proceed to the next round of 4 Muscle-Ups, 12 GHD Situps, 36 Double Unders… And so on until the workout is complete. 


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15 comments on “13.11.02
  1. Reid says:

    Did in Lubbock this morning. Was running short on time.

    3rm front squat: 305
    Conditioning: 7:47 w/10# med ball

  2. C&J: 295
    Snatch: 225
    FS: 315
    Conditioning: 11 something but only did 3 MU’s

  3. Jeff V says:

    Snatch and C&J – Pretty much a warm-up for the front squat.

    FS – 345 – was my max from fittest games about a year ago.

    Cond – 6:51 w/ a 4# med ball

  4. Jeremy says:

    Still working on form for Oly Lifts. Don’t know where this form decay came from, but it sucks.
    FS- 265×3 PR
    Cond- heard some pop corn in my elbow on my second MU. Decided to play it safe and did some GHD work.

  5. Chels says:

    A. 160…still having a hard time liking out my arms
    B. 125
    C. 176
    Conditioning- 7:30 unbroken!

  6. Brett Bolus says:

    C&J 235- jerk felt much more solid today
    Snatch 175- was lifting my butt early and just felt choppy.
    FS 295×3 PR

  7. Taylor Deering says:

    Clean and jerk: 185, PR
    Snatch: 135, PR
    3rm front squat: 200

    Conditioning: done w no MU, my hands are ripped to shreds from everything yesterday

  8. teoledesma says:


  9. House says:

    A) 230 jerk
    B) 190 misses up to 210
    OH Posish was not there
    C) 280 felt good only done 275 for 3 once
    D) 5:51 missed one MU in round of 4 otherwise UB

  10. drusellers says:

    C&J – warm up for the snatch

    Snatch: 195 went up easy, failed 205

    FS – 275

    Cond: Modified due to shoulder. 5 rds of the descending GHDs + 45 DU – just moved through it at pace

  11. Feliz says:

    C&J – 115
    Power Snatch 95
    FS – skipped
    Conditioning 13:00 – did dips with a band instead of MU

  12. Ingrid K. says:

    c&j – 185 (missed 3 @ 195)
    snatch – 145
    front squat – 175 (185 for 2)
    conditioning – 7:04

  13. kellipugh27 says:

    C&J 105 — having trouble dropping under the bar instead of pressing it out
    Snatch 90 — starting position is too high, need to work on it
    FS 120
    Conditioning roughly 9min … did it with banded MU progression (was able to complete all 15 dips!)

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