Jaime, doing what she does best… Yoke Heavy Weight.

Before today, only 1 man had ever clean and jerked 315# at CrossFit Central. His name is Johnathan Haynes (current 1-RM of 340#). After today’s training, we now have 3.

I’d like to welcome Mr. Jeff Vanlandingham and Mr. Jake Whitefield (yes, he gets a “Mr.” even though he’s only 18… when you put 315# over your head… you get the “Mr.”) to the Three-Wheel Club.

They both PR’d today during the 10 minute C&J session — and both looked good doing it. I did not get video of JV as I was not aware he was at 315, and I had video of JW, but accidentally erased it…

HOWEVER, I did get (and keep) video of Jaime Shauger hitting 215# on her clean and jerk — for a PR lift and the current highest clean and jerk on the women’s side at CrossFit Central. Jaime also has the biggest snatch number and the highest total (duh) of 380# (172.7 kg).

Congrats to all who lifted and all those who PRd. Needless to say, everyone of you needs work on your jerk (Jeff, Tank and Jaime included) – but it’s a process – it will take time, hours and reps – and it started today.

We’re right where we need to be.

Week 18 Training: 13.11.05


A. Snatch 5×1 – Heavy – E2M

Notes: Go heavy – go by feel.


B1. 3×3: Snatch Pull – 100% – E60S

B2. 3×3: Snatch Balance – Heavy – E60S


C. Back Squat: 10×3@60% – AFAP – EMOM


D. 4 x 800m Run – Rest 1:1


E1. 3×10: Weighted Hip Extension – Medium
E2. 3xME: Ring Dips


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37 comments on “13.11.05
  1. Brett Bolus says:

    Not going to be able to make it today. 2 tests today. See y’all Thursday.

  2. Max says:

    A) 155/165/165/175/180 (5# PR)
    B1) 205
    B2) 135/145/155
    C) 195#
    D) done ….. Total lower body breakdown
    E1) 35#
    E2) 7//7/7

  3. ikantola says:

    Did you attempt after that?

  4. Jeremy says:

    A) 155/165/175/185(caught, but dropped)/195(awesome fail upstaged by a Screaming Vegan PR)
    B1) 225
    B2) 185
    C) 225
    D) 3:27/3:29/3:33/3:29
    E1) 45#
    E2) strict 4/5/5
    I’m freaking dead.

  5. jaime, holy lord. Looked controlled and easy for you! Saturday you got 220!

  6. Matt Counts says:

    A) 135/145/155/165 (F)/165 (F)
    B1) 170
    B2) 135
    C) 185
    D) 3:08, 3:06, 3:10 & 3:13
    E1) Done
    E2) 20/20/20

  7. vanlandingbad says:

    A) Snatch wasn’t working today. Got under 250 two times but no dice.
    B1) 250
    B2) 185 – failed on the second set.
    C) 255
    D) 2:46. 3:00, 3:00. 2:39 – The last round was a reenactment of this scene. Except replace the sand and waves with used condems and hobos sleeping in the park. Reid is Apollo Creed, I’m Rocky. Aaaand ACTION!!

  8. vanlandingbad says:

    Also +1 on rep integrity. Do it right or don’t do it at all.

  9. Reid says:

    A) up to 205 successfully – got under 215 but missed forward
    B1) 225
    B2) 185
    C) 235
    D) Same as Jeff

  10. teoledesma says:


  11. Randall Atkinson says:

    A) 205 / 215 / 225 / 235f / 235 PR
    B1) 235
    B2) 185 / 195 (2of3) / 195 (2of3)
    C) 250
    D) 3:10 / 3:17 / 3:27 / 3:26
    E1) 1 set
    E2) 10 / 10

  12. mlubke says:

    A) 135, 145, 155f, 155, 165f
    B) 185 pull, up to 155 balance
    C) 190
    D) 2:47, 2:55, 3:04, 3:00
    E1) done

  13. JeffT says:

    A) 135 / 145 / 155 / 165(f) / 165(f)
    B) 175 / 185 / 185 pull + 135 balance
    C) 195
    D) 2:36 / 2:52 / 3:00 / 2:52
    E1) 15 / 45 / 45
    E2) 20 / 20 / 20 worked on external rotation at the top.

  14. kellipugh27 says:

    A. 85/90/95(PR)/100(PR)/105(f) — 10# PR
    B1. 105
    B2. 75
    C. 100
    D. 3:28 / 3:20 / 3:20 / 3:23
    E1&2. will do later — had to leave for school

  15. A) 185/205/225/250(f)/250(PR)
    B1) 250
    B2) 190
    C) 230
    D) 4:00/5:00/5:30/4:45
    E) had to go to school

  16. Chels says:

    Skill work:
    A. 1x ME MU-6.5 missed the dip on 7, but did it on the chains and definitely think I can get it next time!
    B. EMOMx16 (alternate)
    Odd: 2 power snatch from blocks/plates 85/90/95/100/105/110/115/120×1
    Even: 7 wall balls- throw to pole instead of wall
    A. 125/130 F/130 PR from ground/135 F/135F
    B1. 135
    B2. 115/115/125
    C. 145
    D. 3:17/3:10/3:18/3:26
    E1. 15
    E2. 4×5 WTD dips on yokes 10/15/20/25

  17. Brandon mayernik says:

    A. 235/245/255/265/275
    B1. 280
    B2. 185
    C. 245
    D. 245/dnf…

  18. Dru Sellers says:

    A) 185/190(f)/195/200(got under it but just a bit out front)/205 (got under it but just a bit out front)
    B1) 220
    B2) 135/145/155
    C) 195
    D) this was no bueno – hammie started giving me lip.
    E) skipped ART apt

  19. Feliz says:

    A) 85/90/95 and then faild on 100 twice
    B1) 100
    B2) 55/65/75
    C) buns of steal @ 225
    D) 3:58, 3:59, 4:10, 4:28
    E1) BW
    E2) did with a small band – 5 each round

  20. House says:

    A) up to 200 then start missing – shit
    B1) 225
    B2) 155
    C) 225
    D) 3:09/3:15/3:13/dnf work

  21. Taylor Deering says:

    A) 115/120/125/130/135/140 (doesn’t count bc I came on to my knee then stood up)
    B) done
    B2) done
    C) 3:05/3:10/3:20/3:21

  22. Lizi says:

    A- 115/120/125/1230/135 (miss)/135-PR!!!!!
    B1- 140
    B2- 85/95/95
    C- 140
    D- 3:18/3:20/3:24/3:15

  23. Zach says:

    A) 185, 195, 200, 205, 210F
    B1) 300
    B2) 155, 165 1×3, 155 2×3
    C) 225
    D) 3:05, 3:11, 3:14, 3:11
    E1) 35lbs
    E2) 23,18,13

  24. ikantola says:

    A) 140-150-155(f)-155-160(f)-160PR
    B1) 175
    B2) 135
    C) 140
    D) 3:17-3:10-3:09-3:03
    E1) hip ext 15-20-25
    E2) dips 10-10-12

  25. The Kingpin says:

    A) 155 / 165 / 175 / 180(f) / 180(f)
    B) 175
    B2) 135
    C) 175
    D) Ran a mile fast – no clock – had to get back to work so that I could listen to heavy metal last night.

  26. LEulenfeld says:

    A) 105/110/110/115f/120f/115f got under all 3 fails but failed forward. Didn’t happen today.
    B1) 115#
    B2) 125#
    C) 110#
    D) 4:56/4:40/4:46/4:50

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