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Week 18 Training: 13.11.07

Include in your warm-up:

10 Minute Full ROM Dynamic Warm-Up

2x: Squat, Pushup, DeadLift Matrices


Warmup Sets:  1×8@50, 1×5@60, 1×5@70, 1×3@85 (DeadLift & BenchPress)

A1. 2×3: Deadlift @ 92% – E2M
A2. 2×3: Bench Press @ 92% – E2M

Notes: Listen to your body. If you are not feeling heavy pulls, do not pull heavy. Pull a weight that is challenging but allows you to work and get some load/volume under your belt.

Every deadlift should be a single – from a dead start. No touch and go.

Alternate between your sets of deadlifts and bench presses. This means that you will need to be warmed up to 92% on both before you begin. Start a new movement every 2 minutes.


B1. 3×10/10: Kettlebell or Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squats – Heavy but Unbroken
B2. 3×10: Weighted Supinated Pull-Up – Heavy but Unbroken
B3. 3×10: Glute-Ham Raises – Bodyweight

Notes: Move from one movement to the next without much resting (slow walk over, then begin). Transitions should be smooth, controlled and fluid. 


C. 10 minute sled drag @ 55/40 (5 minutes forward, 5 minutes backward)

Notes: Try to make this one continuous piece without stopping. If you have to stop, make it brief. You should split up the time half and half — forward-facing and rear-facing.



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20 comments on “13.11.07
  1. Feliz says:

    A2) 100
    B) BW
    C) done

  2. Jason says:

    Warm Up) Done
    A1) 365/370 — Technically a PR
    A2) 250/255
    B1) 24 Kgs
    B2) 35/20/35
    B3) Done
    C) Had to run to work training

  3. vanlandingbad says:

    A1) 475
    Heavy deadlift day = Obligatory explosive shit video.

    A2) 265.275

    B1) 32Kg
    B2) 35.20.35
    B3) BW did about 5 reps on each set.

    C) Done

  4. Jeremy says:

    First, I warmed up like a boss.
    Then, I beasted 275# bench presses with much encouragement from Teo. In between, I ripped 370# off the floor three times in a row.
    Coach made me go down on weight in the BSS, so I squatted 16kg’s, but to make up for it I did my supinated (like I’m eating soup) pull ups with a tire as my resistance. A spare tire. Don’t judge. Then I did curls. Man curls with my legs. Hamstrings skrong!

    I f*cking love bro session Thursdays!

  5. Randall Atkinson says:

    A1. 440
    A2. 265
    B1. BW.. Knees are rocked
    B2. 24kg
    B3. Yes
    C. Later today

  6. Reid says:

    In Charlotte, NC today.

    A1) 435
    A2) 305
    B1) 24
    B2) 35
    B3) BW
    C) Done

  7. mlubke says:

    A) 335,185
    All that other stuff) Done

  8. kellipugh27 says:

    A1. 200 — not quite 92.5%, but trying to focus on good form
    A2. 95
    B1. 16kg
    B2. red band
    B3. bw
    C. Done

  9. Matt Counts says:

    A1) 370
    A2) 215

  10. DLs @ 425 & 430
    BP @ 295 & 300
    Other Stuff: Done

  11. ikantola says:

    a1) 280
    a2) 130-135 (only one with no helpsies)
    b1) 25lb kbs
    b2) 5lb plate in my pants
    b3) done
    c) done

  12. Zach says:

    A1) 495
    A2) 295
    B1) 35lb kbx2
    B2) 18Kb
    B3) BW

  13. Brett Bolus says:

    A1) 345
    A2) Pushups (letting my shoulders recover)
    B1) 24kgs
    B2) BW
    B3) BW 2-1-1

  14. A1. 425/435
    A2. 245/250
    B1. 35lb kb
    B2. 18kg?
    B3. bw
    c. did not do (class)

  15. Taylor Deering says:

    A) deads @ 265&270 (pr I guess bc I’ve never max DL before)
    B) bench at 125&130
    Auxiliaries) DONZO

  16. House says:

    A) 385 and 405
    B) 280 and 300 for 2
    B1) Done
    B2) 1.5 pood
    B3) Done
    Sled) Done

  17. LEulenfeld says:

    A1) 195#.200#. 15# PR since last 1RM 3 years ago prior to back injury. Ecstatic to finallt hit 200# since I haven’t lifted over 165# in 3 years AND had my back completely go out 4 days ago. Came away from today’s DL with no back pain!! Onward and upward!

    A2) 95#-105# felt easy.
    B1) 16kg
    B2) red band- not unbroken today
    B3) BW

    C) done

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