QOTD: “As much as I love working out… I’d rather be killing bad guys.” – B.
(Photo courtesy of Rabah Rahil Photography)

Judy hitting 3 reps @ 415 lbs. #NBD

Week 18 Training: 13.11.08 – Brought to you by Chelsea Ross of TAG Gymnastics

Warm Up:

2 rounds not for time:

-250m Row
-10 PVC Pass-Throughs
-10 Barbell Sit Ups @ 45/35
-10 Push Ups
-ME Nose & Toes Handsrand Hold

Skill: Muscle Ups

3 rounds for quality:

-10 Kipping Ring Rows w/ Feet on Box
-5 Hips to Bar
-5 Hips to Rings
-5 Muscle Ups (Level 1: Jumping MU, Level 2: Bent-Arm MU (with or w/o spot), Level 3: Aim for Unbroken)

Notes: Focus on maintaining straight legs for hips to bar, hips to rings and all Muscle Ups.



-100 UNBROKEN Double Unders
-30 Muscle Ups
-100 Double Unders
*20 minute time cap*

RULES: There is a 5 burpee penalty every time you break the first set of DUs. Perform all penalty burpees after second set of DUs. Time ends when burpees are complete.

If you have not finished the first set of 100 Double Unders in 7 minutes, move on to the muscle-ups, but you “cap out” your burpee penalty at 50. Perform 50 and only 50 burpees at the end of the workout.


Alternating Tabata:

-Hollow Hold
-Hollow Rocks

Notes: This should be one full Tabata Set (4 minutes) — you should do each 4 times.


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14 comments on “13.11.08
  1. drusellers says:

    WU: Done
    Skill: Done
    Conditioning: 100 UB DU (done), then spent the remaining time working on true grip MU
    Midline: done

  2. Brett Bolus says:

    Warm-up: Done
    Skill: Done
    Conditioning: Best set was 40ish then my pants fell off. Was around 20 on all my failed attempts.
    Midline: Done

  3. Morgan says:

    RE: QOTD – Glad I’m not a bad guy… I’m not fast enough to outrun him.
    Warm-up: Done
    Skill: Done
    Conditioning: Hit the 7:00 DU cap because Brett’s pants around his ankles distracted me. A shining example that we must be ready for the unknown and the unknowable. Did 10 MU before I had to leave.
    Midline and penalty burpees – tonight.

  4. vanlandingbad says:

    Cond – 8:53

  5. Randall Atkinson says:

    WU: Done
    Skill: Done
    Conditioning: 10:18
    Midline: tonight

  6. Feliz says:

    Conditioning-19 minutes – I was doing pretty good until Brett’s shorts were down to his knees. There is a string in the waist of your shorts for a reason, tie it. Jumping MU

  7. JeffT says:

    Conditioning – 15:44. Lots of misses.

  8. Zach says:

    A) Done
    B) Done
    C) 11:03 FU muscle ups!!
    D) Done

  9. got to 80 on DU then fell apart
    went full retard failing MUs too fast, then chilled out and got 6
    50 burpees

  10. ikantola says:

    WU: Done (including Handsrand holds)
    Skill: Done
    Conditioning: 8:52 (you’re welcome Jeff)
    Midline: Later

  11. teoledesma says:

    8:03 +10 burpeees
    Misunderstood the rules

  12. Chels says:

    Conditioning: 10:17

  13. Jason says:

    Warm Up) Done
    Skill) Done UB
    Cond) 9:20 — PR 100 DUs UB
    Tabata) Done UB

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