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Coach Kepler has the COM.

Week 19 Training: 13.11.15

Today’s training brought to you by Chelsea Ross of TAG Gymnastics

Warm Up

1) Standard Dynamic Warm-Up:
-High Knees
-Walking Lunges with Upper-Body Rotation
-Punter Kicks
-Lateral Lunges

2) 2 Rounds NFT: Cindy (w/Strict Pull-ups)

TAG Conditioning

With a continually running clock:

(0-7) 7 minutes to complete: A. 50 Burpees for time (standard burpee)

(7-14) 7 minutes to complete: B. 50 Pull-Ups for time (chin over bar, practice butterfly – if you have it – with virtuosity: hollow/arch)

(14-21) 7 minutes to complete: C. 50 HSPU for time (1×25# bumper under each hand, head to AbMat)

(21-28) 7 minutes to complete: D. 20 Muscle-Ups for time

(28-40) 12 minutes to complete: E. 

-100’ HS walk
-400 m run
-75’ HS walk
-400 m run
-50’ HS walk

(40-50) 10 min AMRAP: F. 

-30 Seconds Hollow Rocks
-30 Double Unders
-30 Seconds Ring L-Sit Hold

Notes: Each section should be thought of as an individual “WOD”. Finish each test as fast as possible, and then rest for the remainder of the time allotted. If you do not finish within the time cap for each section, your score is the number of reps completed. PART F should be FOR QUALITY.


CrossFit Jääkarhu is a local community in Austin, Texas that is focused on identifying goals, coaching progress and getting results. If you are interested in learning more about our gym, visit our main website (click here). About CrossFit Jääkarhu Programs Available How to Start

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32 comments on “13.11.15
  1. Max says:

    Ugly ….. It all needs work

  2. Jason says:

    Awesome day, I think the breakdown went as follows:
    A) 2:31
    B) 1:00
    C) 3:26
    D) 3:36
    E) 8:12
    F) 3 rds

  3. House says:

    A-C) Done
    D) No Rings at the Turner Athletic Club
    E) 35ish walked of last 50
    F) 5 rds

  4. drusellers says:

    A-Z) Done. … shoulders

  5. randallgatkinson says:

    Done. Shoulderz fried. Loved it. Great day and great programming Chels!! Look forward to many more like this.

  6. Morgan says:

    a) and b) Done
    c) 36
    d) Done thanks to randallgatkinson pushing me through the last few reps to beat the clock
    e) Done
    f) 2 and change

  7. JeffT says:

    A) 1:47
    B) 1:12
    C) 3:55ish
    D) DNF: 13
    E) 9:15
    F) Done

  8. Jeremy says:

    A) 2:05
    B) 4:50
    C) This is where everything started to go to hell, 20 HSPU’s
    D) 12, scaled
    E) Not even close. Going *nowhere* on my hands.
    F) Done
    Taking the whole weekend off. Feeling a bit over-reached this week.

  9. mlubke says:

    Modified some stuff to give my shoulders a break
    A,B done
    C) ring rows
    D) hips to rings
    E) Dips and HS holds instead of walks
    F) Done

  10. Matt Counts says:

    Awesome day, I think the breakdown went as follows:
    A) 2:02
    B) 1:35
    C) 6:59
    D) 11
    E) 11:35
    F) done

  11. Chels says:

    A. 2:17
    B. 53sec UB! PR!!!
    C. 2:35
    D. 5:59…arms were smoked from pull ups and hspu!
    E. 9:11
    F. 3 rds+DUs

  12. MarkB says:

    A) 2:44
    B) 3:30-ish
    C) 30 hspu
    D) practiced hips to rings using hollow/arch
    E) wasn’t pretty
    F) done

  13. Soy Leche says:

    A) 1:35
    D) 2 Somthing… I was idiot and did 24 finished right after teo
    E) 7:09 thought i was doing well but was showed up by Ingrid .Well done!
    F) 3 rds + hollow rocks and some DU

  14. Jeff V says:

    A) 2:06
    B) 1:15 – 40 UB which is a PR. Never really felt in a rythm though.
    C) 4 something I think – finished 10-15 sec after reid
    D) 4:07
    E) 8 somethin – calf started cramping
    F) just practiced L sits. Was much sitting and didn’t look like an L.

  15. Reid says:

    A) 1:50
    B) 1:20
    C) 4:10ish
    D) 4:30ish
    E) 8:50ish
    F) Done

  16. i did it, but i mean, fml…

  17. Feliz says:

    A) did 25 HR pushups & 50 jumping lunges-around 3 min
    B) 3:45ish
    C) did 30
    D) 0
    E) was on the 75″ HS walk when time was called
    F) 2+ some L-sits-having problems with the DU today

  18. Kyler says:

    Only got 44
    30″ of 75″
    3 rounds hollows and l sit woul not of counted

    Very Humbling….

  19. ikantola says:

    Burpees 2:38
    Pull Ups 1:23
    HSPU 3:00
    Muscle Ups 3:49
    HS Walk WOD 7:01
    AMRAP 2 rounds plus change (kinda checked out during this)

  20. kellipugh27 says:

    Burpees- 2:30
    Pull Ups- 4:27
    HSPU- 39 completed (ABMAT)
    MU (banded progression)- complete
    WOD 1 – finished all but 25m HS walk
    WOD 2 – 3 rounds

  21. burpees 2:21
    pullups 1:30
    HSPU 40
    MUs 12
    handstand 9:06
    30s started hollows on five

    great wod chels, obviously lots of work needed.

  22. Zach says:

    Burpee 2:20
    Pull up 1:55
    HSPU 5:05
    MU Scaled due to shoulders 20 C2B pull up 30 butterfly
    Handstand Wod 8:55
    Core Wod 4+22 Db lunders

  23. Kelly C says:

    burpees: 2:59
    pullups: 2:41
    HSPU: 30
    MU: 7 jumping and then worked with Carey on them
    Handstand walk: Got through last 400 m run and 10′ HS walk
    wod2: done – lost track

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