The Two T’s.

Week 20 Training: 13.11.19


A. 5×1: Power Snatch – AHAP – E90S


B1. 4×2: Snatch Pull – 105% – E60S
B2. 4×2: Snatch Balance – Heavy But Perfect – E60S

Notes: Use straps on the snatch pulls.


5 rounds, each for time:

-5 Front Squats @ 75%
-Row 250m AFAP
-Rest 1:1

Notes: Each round should be completed AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. Your time starts when you begin your first front squat. Your time ends when you finish your 250m row. PRACTICE transitioning between the squats and the rower as smoothly and calmly as you can. Each round is for time. If you are working with a partner, this will be a “tag-team” type scenario. Partner A then Partner B… etc.


E1. 3×8: Weighted Hip Extension
E2. 3xME: Ring Dips
E3. 3×8: Dual Metal Plate Deadlift – Unbroken – AHAP

Notes: Dual Metal Plate Deadlifts: Place two metal plates (10s, 25s, 35, 45s) together and simply deadlift them to full extension. Try to complete all sets unbroken. This is pinch grip strength work.


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28 comments on “13.11.19
  1. Jason says:

    A) 165/175/185/195(ugly)/200f — T-PR
    B) 225/185
    C) 1:17/1:35/1:40/1:45/1:30
    D (or E?)) 15/30,20,15/25s

  2. Max says:

    A) 155/165/175(f)/165/175
    B) 215#
    C) 135/145/155/165
    D) 1:16/1:26/1:25/1:23/1:25
    Es) done

  3. Jeremy says:

    Completely slept through my alarm. Woke up this morning at 8 AM. Kinda sucks, but I’m going to take it as a cue from my body that I needed a little more rest. Swim tomorrow?

  4. mlubke says:

    A) 135,145,155,155f,155f. I have felt the perfect snatch and want more
    B) 175 pulls I think, up to 165 balance
    C) 205. I think Jeff and I finished in 14:something

  5. Morgan says:

    a) 155/155/165/165/175(f)
    b1) 185
    b2) 135/155/155/155
    c) 1:19/1:25/1:30/1:31/1:33 @205
    e1) 10/10/10
    e2) 15/15/15
    e3) 70/70/70

  6. Feliz says:

    A) 80/85/85/90/90 – I was pressing up the last few inches on the 90#
    B1) 105
    B2) 75/85/85
    C) wrote the times on the dry erase board but failed to copy them down- moving at a good pace, did DB press with 25# instead of the FS
    E1) 10/10/25
    E2) did 8 each time with band
    E3) used the 25# plates

  7. vanlandingbad says:

    B1) 265
    B2) 185 – I hate these. Hate.
    Cond @ 285 – Each round was around 1:30 – 1:40

  8. Reid says:

    A) 165.175.185(f).185.195
    B1) 225
    B2) 185
    C) @235 – 1:30-1:40
    D) Done

  9. Teo says:

    A) 170 no fails pr
    b1) 205
    b2) 185 pr

  10. Kyle Miller says:

    Out of town for work this week will substitute with what I have access to

  11. A) 195 / 200f / 200 / 205 / 215f just missed forward
    B1) 245
    B2) 185 / 195 / 215
    Conditioning: 255#… no clue of time, but this got rough on rd 3
    D) DND.. Work

  12. Matt Counts says:

    A) 135 – stayed at this weight.
    B) 175 pulls, finished at 135 SB
    C) 200. Not sure, lost track of time.
    D) Done

  13. Chels says:

    Skill work
    A. 1x ME MU-6
    B. 4x NFT
    15 wall balls
    4 deficit hspu w/ 3 45lb plates/side
    4/4 db b.o. Rows w/ rotation w/ 20s
    2 h.p. snatch 106/95/95/105…terrible
    A. 100/85/90/95/100/105…terrible
    B1. 145
    B2. 105/115/125/135
    C. 1:22/1:23/1:24/1:22/1:22 F.S.@150
    D1. 25 lb
    D2. 15/15/12
    D3. 2×25…had to turn 1 plate out because I couldn’t pick it up
    *I wasn’t really feeling it today, but still glad I did it!

  14. Chels says:

    Skill work
    A. 1x ME MU-6
    B. 4x NFT
    15 wall balls to target
    4 deficit hspu w/3x 45 on each side
    4/4 b.o. db rows w/ rotation-20s
    2 hang power snatch 105/95/95/100…terrible
    A. 100/85/90/95/100/105…terrible
    B1. 145
    B2. 105/115/125/135
    C. 1:22/1:23/1:24/1:22/1:22 F.S.@150
    D1. 25 lb
    D2. 15/15/12
    D3. 25s 1 turned out because I couldn’t pick it up the other way
    *I wasn’t really feeling it today, but glad I got it done!

  15. A) 185/205/225/235f/235 PR muddafukkaaaaaaaaa
    B1) 255
    B2) 225 f on one set
    C) with Jeff M.
    D) had skewl

  16. House says:

    A) 170/185/195/205(f)/210(f)/210 (PR)
    B1) 255
    B2) Snatch Push Press 185×2/195/205
    C) 5x350m rows 1:04/1:07/1:07/1:11/1:06
    D) Later

  17. kellipugh27 says:

    A. 70/70/75/75(f)/75
    B1. 110
    B2. 75×4
    C. 1:26/1:28/1:26/1:27/1:26
    D1. 12kg
    D2. 12/10/10(red band)
    D3. 50

  18. Soy Leche says:

    A) 165 PR
    B1) 195
    B2) 185
    C) 1:13/1:16/1:26/1:22/1:17 @195
    D Had to run

  19. Brandon mayernik says:

    A. 225/245/255f/255f/255f
    B1. 300
    B2. 185/205/225/225
    C. Fronts at 265, 1:05/1:04/1:42/1:31/1:19
    D. School

  20. Lizi says:

    A- 110/115/120×3 broke below parallel on one set
    B1- pulls 150#
    B2- balance 85/95/105/115
    C- between 1:19-1:33
    Ds- done

  21. Zach says:

    A) 185, 195, 200, 205, 205
    B1) 240
    B2) 135
    C) 240 1:11, 1:14, 1:13, 1:21, 1:18
    D) will attempt later

  22. ikantola says:

    a) 125-135-140-145(f)-145(f)
    b1) pulls at 170
    b2) snatch balance 115-120-125-130
    c) with lizi (we crushed) 1:18-1:20-1:23-1:24-1:20
    d’s) hip ext with 10lbs, dips between 10-12, dLs with dual 25 metals

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