Week 20 Training: 13.11.21

Include in your warm-up:

10 Minute Full ROM Dynamic Warm-Up

2x: Squat, Pushup, DeadLift Matrices (1st round unweighted, 2nd round weighted)


Warmup Sets (DeadLift & BenchPress):  1×8@50, 1×5@60, 1×3@70, 1×3@85, 1×1@94

A. 2 Attempts to Establish a 1-RM Bench Press

Notes: The BP will be done BEFORE the deadlifts this week. 

B. Banded Deadlift: 10×2 @ 65% Bar Weight + Band Tension – AFAP – EMOM

Notes: Every deadlift should be a single – from a dead start. No touch and go. The 10 sets of 2 reps should be performed EVERY MINUTE ON THE MINUTE FOR 10 MINUTES. Speed is your friend.


C1. 3×6/6: Alternating Barbell Front Rack Weighted Lunges – AHAP but Unbroken

C2. 3×6: Weighted “Over/Under Grip” Pull-Up – AHAP but Unbroken

C3. 3×6: Glute-Ham Raises – Heavy but Perfect

Notes: Move from one movement to the next without much resting (slow walk over, then begin). Transitions should be smooth, controlled and fluid. 


D. 10 minute sled drag @ 70/50 (5 minutes forward, 5 minutes backward)

Notes: Try to make this one continuous piece without stopping. If you have to stop, make it brief. You should split up the time half and half — forward-facing and rear-facing.


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21 comments on “13.11.21
  1. Jeremy says:

    Oh, man! It’s gonna be a liftpocalypse!

  2. Jason says:

    Warm Up: Off 405 DL and 275 Bench
    A) 285 — Crossfit PR (Last time I benched this, this was also my BS PR)
    B) 265
    C) 135/35/BW
    D) Work

  3. Brett Bolus says:

    A) 255 (30# all time PR)
    B) 245
    C) 135/ 15/ BW (cramped everytime I tried one.)
    D) will do at lunch.

  4. Reid says:

    A) 350
    B) 315 w/ green band
    C1) 185.185.205
    C2) 54
    C3) BW
    D) Tonight

  5. vanlandingbad says:

    A) 305
    B) 335 – green band
    C1) 185.205.225
    C2) 1.5 pood
    C3) BW
    D) Done.

  6. Kelly C says:

    a. 105
    b. 115 – blue band
    c1. 55
    c2. BW
    c3. 10
    d. done – hammy’s on fire

  7. vanlandingbad says:

    Also Winch said Kenny Leverich is gonna be at the FGs. He’s definitelly up there on the man crush scale, i mean seriously..

  8. Lizi says:

    Warm up done
    A-135 miss, 135 got it
    B- 190
    C’s- done
    D- done

  9. House says:

    20# PR DL in the warmup at 425
    A. did 8×3 at 135 + 60 chain
    B. 275 + 60 in chain
    Cs. will get done

  10. kellipugh27 says:

    A. 115 – 20# pr
    B. 165 + red band
    C1. 65/75/85
    C2. bw/bw/bw
    C3. 10/10/10
    D. Done

  11. Jeremy says:

    A) Missed at 300, then missed at 295 (hit my 94% at 280.) Old PR: 295
    B) 225 + Green Band
    C-D) Done.
    I love Thursdays!

  12. A) 335 PR
    B) 295 purple band
    C) Done
    D) Done

  13. Chels says:

    I’m going to do the best I can with limited time and equipment!

    Here’s what I did today:
    Lunges: 40-45lb DBs
    Pull ups: 10-15 lbs…bar is really slick
    Supernaturals instead of GH raises

    Conditioning: Rowing “Annie”
    500 m row
    50 DU
    50 sit ups

  14. Taylor Deering says:

    Warm up done
    A) 125, max is 140 Just wasn’t feeling it today.
    B) 195 +bands
    C1) 125/135/145 FR Lunges
    C2) BW
    C3) BW
    D) done

  15. Brandon mayernik says:

    A. 290
    B. 345 purple bands
    C1. 205/205/225
    C2. Green/blue/blue
    C3. Bw

  16. Zach says:

    A) 335 PR
    B) 405 (no bands at work, just pulled AFAP)
    C1) 135, 145, 155
    C2) BW x 10 no belt/vest
    C) No GHDs
    D) Snowing and dark skipped for today

  17. ikantola says:

    a) 140
    b) 200 with blue bands on rig
    c1) 125-135-135
    c2) 15lb db
    c3) BW
    d) heavy back pack carry, wouldn’t call it a ruck.

  18. Morgan says:

    a) 235 (10# PR)
    b) 245 with green band
    c) 95,115,135 / 35 / BW
    d) done

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