We’ll miss you, Duke. 

This week will be a de-load week. The goal is to give your body and mind a temporary break from heavy loading and high volume before the beginning of the next cycle. Treat your body well — eat plenty of nutritious food, drink plenty of water, get your sleep. Recover, recover, recover.

Week 21 Training: 13.11.25


A. 10 x 1: Snatch @ 70% – E30S

Notes: It is every 30 seconds, not EMOM. This is different from what was posted last night.

B. 1 x 20: Back Squat @ 55%

C. 10 x 2: Muscle Ups – E30S

D. Conditioning: To be completed at ~70%, AKA Conversation Pace

1000m Row at Conversation Pace – Practice Technique and Breathing


3 rounds of Push Up Matrix:

-Base x 3
-Stagger Right x 3
-Stagger Left x  3
-Wide x 3
-Narrow x 3
-External Rotation x 3
-Internal Rotation x 3


1000m Row at Conversation Pace – Practice Technique and Breathing

Notes: Push Up Matrix: Round 1: Right foot held off the ground. Round 2: Left Foot held off the ground. Round 3: Weighted @ 25#/10# with both hands and feet on the ground. Body Position and Execution MUST BE PERFECT.


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18 comments on “13.11.25
  1. drusellers says:

    Done. Felt good to be back in the gym.

  2. Feliz says:

    A) 10/10
    B) 55 with band around my knees-haven’t squated in a while
    C) jumping MU
    Conditioning – done

  3. Jeff V says:

    Good day.

  4. Jason says:

    A) 10/10 @ 155
    B) 185
    C) 20/20
    D) Done

  5. A) 10/10 at 165
    B) 235
    C) 20/20
    D) Done

  6. mlubke says:

    A) 10/10 @ 125
    B) 175
    C) 20/20
    D) yup

  7. A) 10/10 @ 185
    B) 225
    C) 2/2/2/2/2/1/1/1/0/1
    D) done

  8. Soy Leche says:

    A) 8/10 @ 135 Sad Panda
    C) 20/20
    D) neato

  9. Matt Counts says:

    A) 9/10 @ 115
    B) 175
    C) 20/20 – Thanks Jeff T for the advice
    D) done

  10. kellipugh27 says:

    A. 10/10
    B. 90
    C. with red band
    D. done

  11. Brandon mayernik says:

    Felt real good today.
    A. 205. Did a triple 10 finished with another triple.
    B. 245
    C. 20/20
    D. Done

  12. Jeremy says:

    Been feeling really beat up lately. Gonna enjoy this deload.
    A) 135 9/10– they can’t all be winners
    B) 205– effed up reading the chart and did 10 pounds more than I was supposed to. First time doing a 20 rep squat. Felt good.
    C) Worked the movement, transition, etc. Felt good.
    D) Done.

  13. Chels says:

    CrossFit Maui
    A. 95 10/10
    B. 135
    C. ✅ 10/10
    D. Done

  14. Kelly C says:

    A. 10/10
    B. 90
    C. Worked on progression with band
    D. Done

  15. JeffT says:

    A) 6/10 115, turrible
    B) 180
    C) 20/20
    D) Done

  16. Taylor Deering says:

    A) 9/10 @ 100, missed a silly rep. Dumb
    B) 20 @ 160
    C) 10/10 ( mini kip with Carey’s help)
    D) done

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