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ACO is putting on a show — The Ginger finished strong in the first two events — still unsure of her rank up to this point. I also found out tonight that Sara Urban and her compatriots are following the blog — but they NEED TO POST their scores… 😉

Needless to say, the weather in Dallas, is still… shit. Hoping for better weather tomorrow – but one thing is for sure, ACO is where it’s at this weekend.

Week 23 Training: 13.12.14


A. Snatch: 5×1@80 – E90S

B. Clean & Jerk: 5×1@80 – E90S


C. Front Squat: 2@70, 2@75, 5×3@80 – E90S


3-Movement Alternating Tabata:

-Hand-Release Pushup
-Burpee Pullup
-Butterfly Pullup

Notes: This is a 12 minute piece. 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, for 32 rounds. You will start with 20 seconds of HR Pushups, rest for 10 seconds, then move to Burpee Pull-ups for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, then move to Butterfly (or kipping) pull-ups for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, then start over with HR Push-ups. You will cycle through each movement 8 times. Your 3 scores will be your lowest scores for each movement – in any of the eight rounds of that movement. 


D. RDL: 3×8 @ Medium Weight


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9 comments on “13.12.14
  1. Chels says:

    A. 110
    B. 145
    C. 145/155/165
    D. 11/3/11
    E. 2 pood/ 2×1.5/2×2 pood

  2. A) 205 4/5
    B) 255 5/5
    C) 245/265/285×3
    D) 5/2/5
    E) 2 reps @ 225

  3. Jeff V says:

    A) 205
    B) 255
    C) 265/285/305
    D) 12ish/3/10ish
    E) 225

  4. House says:

    Went off Program a bit with no squat rack and bumpers but tried to hit similar movements
    A. 5×3 Hang Power Snatch
    B. 3×10 Front Squat up to 195
    C1. Bench 3×12 195
    C2. 3xME Pullups
    D. Same Tabata Format HSPU,DU, Planks

  5. Matt Counts says:

    A) 135
    B) 185
    C) 185/200/210
    D) 8/3/10

  6. Max says:

    Done en la cochera

    Weightlifting felt really good today. Must’ve been Coach Estes’s calistnics.

    Unable to complete conditioning ….. No pull-up bar

    • Jeff V says:

      Re: conditioning – do a 12 min of tabata of hand release push-ups, burpees and thrusters or something… Don’t need no pull-up bar.

  7. Morgan says:

    a) 150 4/5
    b) 180 5/5
    c) 190 / 205 / 220
    d) 10 / 4 / 9

  8. Jason says:

    A) 175 5/5
    B) 225 5/5
    C) 225/240/255
    D) 10/4/10
    E) Got kicked out of HPG (too late)

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