The weekend, in pictures…

The Ginger, pre-ruck and pre-7th place (overall) finish!

Judy earns herself some new hardware – and the 10th highest raw total. OF ALL TIME (1017#)!

Ginger, Sara and Andy, of CF BoomFit in College Station — followers of The Program!

Not cold at all… definitely not cold. Ryan Schultz and I braving the elements.

Week 24 Training: 13.12.16


A. Hang Snatch (just below the knee): 6×2@65 – E90S

B. Push Jerk: 6×2@65 – E90S

C. Snatch Pull: 5×4@90 – E90S


Part 1, Each Effort for Time:

-100 Yard Sled Drag – Heavy @ ~135#/~95#
-Rest 5 Minutes-
-100 Yard Prowler Push – Light @ ~45#/~30#
-Rest 5 Minutes-
-100 Yard Sled Drag – Heavy @ ~135#/~95#
-Rest 5 Minutes-
-100 Yard Prowler Push – Light @ ~45#/~30#

-Rest 5 Minutes-

Part 2, For Time: 30 Push Jerks @ 165/115#

Notes: The heavy sled drag efforts should take between 2-3 minutes. The light prowler push should take between 1-2 minutes. The weights are all approximate – the “feel” should be heavy for the drags and light for the pushes, but the actual weight you use will be based largely on the surface you are pushing and pulling on. GO BY FEEL. Your setup could look like the picture below:



E1. 2×30: Unbroken T2B
E2. 2×5/5: TGU @ 24/16 Kg


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29 comments on “13.12.16
  1. Jeff V says:

    Strength at HPG – so all weights are appoximates:
    Snatch: 175, did a few sets at 185.
    Push jerk: 220, did a few sets at 245
    Pulls: 230

    Sled – done
    30 push jerks – 1:30

    TGU – done
    GHD sit-ups subbed for T2B: 2×20

    • Jeff V says:

      Sled: Heavy drag around 3:30 first round. Lighter around 1:45. Second round – didn’t time but would say 30 sec to a min slower than the first. Heavy: four 45s and one 35. Light: two 45s.

      • ikantola says:

        ghd for ttb? what if you had anchored your hands and done leg raises instead? just trying to think of the purpose of ttb and the shoulder anchoring vs. the hip contraction?

        on the other hand… ABZ IZ ALL THAT MATTERZ.

      • Jeff V says:

        Sub for bench – GHD sit-ups
        Sub for cool down – GHD sit-ups
        Sub for jerk practice – GHD sit-ups
        Sub for warm-up – GHD sit-ups
        Sub for nutrition – GHD sit-ups
        Sub for jerking it – GHD sit-ups

        But you are correct. That was a bonehead substitution.

  2. Max says:

    A) 135#
    B) 165#
    C) 185#
    D1) mother effer
    D2) 3:09
    E) had to go

    Helluva day

  3. mlubke says:

    Needed another rest day. Be back tomorrow

  4. Jason says:

    A) 145
    B) 185
    C) 205
    D1) This sucked
    D2) 2:26
    E) I couldn’t lift myself off the ground, how was I supposed to lift a KB? I’ll do this later

  5. Matt Counts says:

    A) 115
    B) 135
    C) 155
    D1) done
    D2) done – not sure time but took some time to complete
    E) Had to go

  6. Jeremy says:

    A) 135
    B) 205
    C) 165
    D1) loved this
    D2) 2:52– went in a set of ten, then four sets of five.
    E) Didn’t do

  7. JeffT says:

    A) 115
    B) 135
    C) 155
    D1) 3×45# Drag, 1×45# Push
    D2) 9:47- sucked
    E) Didn’t do

  8. MarkB says:

    A) 115
    B) 145
    C) 165
    D1) Done
    D2) 10:11 – ugh
    E) Undone

  9. A) 155
    B) 205
    C) 215
    D1) Done
    D2) 2:54
    E) Didn’t do

  10. Kelly C says:

    a. 60
    b. 85
    c. 85
    d1) done –
    d2. work
    E. work

  11. Feliz says:

    A) 65
    B) 85
    C ) 90
    A) done
    B) 5:1? started at 100 and fininshed at 85. Got to 8 @ 100 and was told to drop it down to 85-thanks Max, I would have been there all day.
    E) ran out of time

  12. Kelli says:

    A. 65
    B. 80
    C. 90
    D. roughly 1:30 SD and :45 PP on both sets / 5:00 Push Jerk @ 95#
    E1. ME UB T2B
    E2. Done

  13. Harris says:

    Con) done
    Push jerk)3:50

  14. drusellers says:

    A) 135#
    B) 165#
    C) 185#
    D1) done
    D2) 4:58 not sure still blacking it out
    E) spaced out from D2

  15. A) 165
    B) 225
    C) 225
    Part1) Done
    Part2) 1:54

  16. A. 185
    B. 225
    C. 255
    D1. heavy sled pulls around 1 minute / light push sum 1
    D2. 59 sec.
    E1. 30/15/15
    E2. done

  17. ikantola says:

    a) 105
    b) 140
    c) 145
    d1) didn’t time, don’t remember weights… taylor?
    d2) 2:04 (11-6-5-4-3-1)
    e) done and done UB

  18. Andy Adams says:

    Good to meet you this weekend. Sorry for not posting on here earlier.
    A) 160
    D1) Didn’t time. Forgot to take weight off for the first round of prowler push, my legs didn’t appreciate my forgetfulness.
    D2) 1:04 (27-3)
    E)Ran out of time

  19. lindsay says:

    A) 75#
    B) 100#
    C) 105#
    D1) 90# SD, 35# PP 1:00/:45/1:00/:50
    D2) 9:53
    E) work

  20. Taylor Deering says:

    A) 95
    B) 135
    C) 135
    Part 1: meh Ingrid we didn’t time but we did it like a boss.
    Part 2: 1:10 (set of 20/6/4)
    E1&2) donzo!

  21. teoledesma says:

    A) done @135
    B) done @185
    C) done @185
    D) done @jeffmckiney weight +55lbs
    E) 3:36

  22. Morgan says:

    a) 120
    b) 145
    c) 165
    d) Did 1 pull and 1 push @ 135/45

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