“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -T. Roosevelt

This quote could really not apply any more than it does over the holidays. We will reconvene this Friday, but in the meantime, keep training the best you can.

If you do not have suitable equipment where you are, try to modify or substitute in the most appropriate way possible. If you do not have a prowler for example, you could try resisted runs (if you have a partner) or hill sprints. You could also find something heavy and push it around. A 45# plate on the ground will do the trick. So would a tire… You get the point.


Week 25 Training: 13.12.23


A. Power Snatch: 5×2@75 – E90S

B. Split Jerk: 5×2@75 – E90S

C. Snatch Pull: 3×3@95 – E90S


D. Part 1, Each Effort for Time:

-100 Yard Prowler Push – Medium Weight
-20 Burpees
-Rest 5 Minutes-
-200 Yard Sprint – AFAP
-20 Burpees
-Rest 5 Minutes-
-100 Yard Prowler Push – Medium Weight
-20 Burpees
-Rest 5 Minutes-
-200 Yard Sprint – AFAP
-20 Burpees

-Rest 5 Minutes-

D. Part 2, For Time: 20 Push Jerks @ 185/125#

Notes: The Prowler Pushes should take anywhere from 1:30 to 3:00 minutes maximum. The weight on the prowler should allow you to move at a “running” pace — you should not be walking. The sprints should be done between 30-45 (depending).


E1. 3×20: Unbroken T2B
E2. 3×5/5: TGU @ 24/16 Kg


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22 comments on “13.12.23
  1. Jeremy says:

    I can say with relative confidence that pushing a 750# motorcycle feels a lot like a 90# prowler push.

  2. mlubke says:

    Ugh. Wrote up a long post and got 404’ed.
    Dropped in and did their WOD
    They squatted up to 103% but I kept it classy at 90%.
    1 hour nap in hot bath on Sat and swim on Sun did me right. Feelin just fine this AM.

  3. Jeff V says:

    A) 85 KG
    B) 115 KG
    C) 110 KG

    Sled – two 45s and a 35
    Push jerks – 1:02

    • Jeff V says:

      Push jerks – Had the song I wanted all queued up on my phone playing through my Beats By Dre (flymotherfucker by BoB) and was ready to blow my load…. Then around rep 8 my freaking dad call, needless to say, complete buzz kill.

  4. Chels says:

    A. 100×1/105×4- these actually felt pretty good today, I was able to get under it and lock out my arms instead of pressing it out like I usually do
    B. 140
    C. 130
    D. 1:45/1:50/2:03/2:18/push jerks: 2:57
    45s on prowler/distances were not the most accurate/push jerks got hard
    E. No time

  5. Kelli says:

    A. 75 (10/10)
    B. 95
    C. 95
    D. PP with 2x45s- done and done
    E. Done

  6. randallgatkinson says:

    A) 170
    B) 205
    C) 215

    Partner Push of the House’s Prius
    Push jerks – 3:03

  7. House says:

    A. 170
    B. 205
    C. 215
    PJs 2:23 (5-5-5-3-2) split it up more to lighten the load on the LB.

  8. Taylor Deering says:

    A) 110
    B) 155
    C) 145
    D) done, push jerks: 42 seconds. Felt super heavy at first then I said fack it and did those mothers unbroken.
    E) no time

  9. Brett Bolus says:

    A) 145
    B) 185
    C) 170
    D) Done – 45# plate push on the ground.
    PJ’s – 4:30ish Pretty happy I could even get 185 over my head 20 times. That was my PR on push jerk when i got into the program in September.
    E) Done

  10. Kelly C says:

    A. 70
    B. 95
    C. 90
    D. Done
    E. Have to do tomorrow. Work interrupted.

  11. Morgan says:

    a) 145
    b) 170
    c) 185
    d) done, push jerks: 5:54. Like Taylor, felt super heavy at first then I said fack it and (not Like Taylor) still felt super heavy so I cleaned, push pressed and said fack it repeatedly for the next six minutes.

  12. Lizi Riley says:

    A- 110
    B- 140
    C- 140
    D- 2:00/1:55/2:02/1:46, push jerk 1:50.
    2 35#s on sleds

  13. Jeremy says:

    A) 145
    B) 205 (and a shoulder press 195# PR in between for the fuck of it.)
    C) 185
    D) Sleds and things with me bros, then PJ’s at 2:03. (10, 3, 3, 3 and barely missed a lockout on the 4th, and 1)

  14. Reid says:

    A) 165
    B) 225
    C) 210
    D1) Done
    D2) 1:56

  15. A. 220
    B. 245 only hit two set. shoulders were not feeling good.
    C. 275
    D1. 210# plus sled.
    1. :55/1:09
    2. :34/1:02
    3. :50/1:05
    4. :34/ 1:04
    D2. :37sec
    moved 1000lbs of sand instead of aux.

  16. Jason says:

    A) 176
    B) 204
    C) 220
    D1) Subbed 20 lunges @ 135 for sled push
    D2) 1:37 (7/7/6) — Felt Great
    E1) Done
    E2) 1 Rd then had to go

  17. Harris says:

    D1) sub with lunges @135
    D2)4:20 felt the suck

  18. A) 85
    B) 105
    C) 105
    D) Push jerks @95# ~4min
    E) no time

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