Here is the official link to donate to Kevin Ogar.


The following comes from the FaceBook page of Ursula Garza Papandrea. I could not imagine it being said more powerfully.

“I have only once even heard of this degree of an injury in weightlifting suffered by Kevin Ogar. In 1994 at the WWC, a male weightlifter was paralyzed dropping the bar during the jerk due to a faulty platform construct. This level of severity of injury is extraordinarily rare and remains to be so even among crossfitters and other athletes that perform the lifts. We do ourselves no favor as weightlifters by pointing to crossfitters and saying they somehow are the problem; just as we don’t want anyone to point to the lifts themselves and identify that as the problem. I have heard that he slipped on a plate on the floor, could be untrue, but would make this an avoidable accident and even more tragic, if that is possible. Support for Ogar, support for his direct and broader community, and support for the sport of weightlifting is what we should focus on. I would guess any halterophile would want that and by all accounts I have read Ogar was one. Whether you like it or not, we are now all inextricably connected through our love and appreciation for the sport of weightlifting. Please don’t let this accident become a fuel for negativity, blaming, or even self promotion. Instead let’s help him and his family out by showing love and support for him.”

Week 28 Training: 14.01.15

Recovery Day.

Do whatever is necessary to get yourself back to base.


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3 comments on “14.01.15
  1. mlubke says:

    20 min swim with Sellers, JRoss, and KellyC

  2. teoledesma says:

    A) off of 330
    B) 3 + 248 meters
    6+2 t2b maybe 7+2
    2+200 Meters

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