Phillip Kniep. Reigning Fittest Games Champion.

Work is underway. Equipment is being packed up at Rogue. 3,2,1 Go is in our sights.


Week 28 Training: 14.01.18


A. Work up to 70%, then: 10 Minutes to Establish a 1-RM Snatch.

B. Work up to 70%, then: 10 Minutes to Establish a 1-RM Clean & Jerk.


C. Back Squat: 2@70, 2@80, 3×2@90 – E2M


If you are competing as an individual at this year’s Fittest Games or at Regionals:

PROS — “Kepler”

-50 Unbroken Heavy Rope Singles (sub double-unders if you don’t have a heavy rope)
-40 Unbroken Pull-ups
-30 Unbroken Dual DB Thrusters @ 50/35#
-20 Unbroken Toes to Bar
-10 Unbroken Dual DB Ground to Overhead @ 50/35#

Notes: All sets f movements must be “unbroken”. You may rest between movements, but you must complete each set before stopping or breaking. What does “unbroken” mean for each movement? It means something different for each movement, but know that if you”break” before the set is complete, you will have to start over at zero.

AMATEURS & MASTERS — “Gas Mask v.2”

-30 Burpees Over Object
-50′ Overhead Walking Lunge @ 60/45 (amateurs) or 45/25 (masters)
-300′ Shuttle Run
-50 Double Unders
-300′ Shuttle Run
-50′ Overhead Walking Lunge @ 60/45 (amateurs) or 45/25 (masters)
-30 Burpees Over Object

If you are competing on a team at this year’s Fittest Games or at Regionals:

“Hold On”

A. 30 Wall-Balls while partner Overhead Hold @ 135/85#
B. 30 Pull-Ups while partner Front Rack Hold @ 185/135#
C. 30 Heavy Rope Singles while partner Deadlift Hold @ 275/185#

Notes: Male/female partners. The men will complete the workout, tag the women, then the women will complete the workout. Both men and both women must complete all reps at all stations. Work may only be done (points scored) if and when one partner is holding the barbell in the appropriate position. Once a partner has started their set, partners may not switch the “working” station and the “holding” station until the person at the “working station” has completed all their reps.


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15 comments on “14.01.18
  1. Taylor Deering says:

    A) 150 snatch (5lb pr)
    B) 200 C&J (5lb pr) I’ve cleaned 205 and jerked 205 but never together so 200 together was exciting!
    C) done
    Conditioning: done with, teo, Ben house, Ingrid and myself! “Hold on”

  2. Brett Bolus says:

    A) 195 – Failed at 205 twice
    B) 260 C&J (5# PR) – 275 Clean (10# PR)
    C) Done
    Conditioning (Amateurs)- 5:33 w/ 70# lunge and burpee over sandbag.

  3. Jason says:

    A) stopped after 205 cuz of groin pain
    B) Stopped after 265
    C) 265/300/335/325/325
    D) Team UB

  4. Alyson says:

    A) 125 – failed at 130 2x .. just not quite there today
    B) 175 – PR tie.. felt great
    C) 165/190/200
    D) Amateur. 9-something. Felt ok, except DU’s were all off and took me wayyy too long. Will be practice that combo this week!

  5. randallgatkinson says:

    A) 245 miss
    B) 290 cleaned 3 times. Missed each jerk
    C) 295/355/375
    D) “Gas Mask”… 5:56

  6. Jeff V says:

    Snatch – 225
    Clean – Hit 300. Failed on jerk at 320.
    Squat – played around with heavy singles. Hit 405.415.425.
    Team workout – 5:40 between Reid and I.

  7. Kelli says:

    A. 95# missed 100#
    B. Feeling a bit off so worked up to 120#
    C. Done
    D. Didn’t have my teammates so did a pull up wall ball DU wod to work on pull ups heavy wall balls and DU skill.

  8. A. 103.8# today – previous PR was 110#
    B. 136# – baby PR – but I’ll take it
    C. Whoops – blanked on the Back Squat portion. Was at Hyde Park Gym and guess I was just too excited about getting to the conditioning 🙂
    D. Amateur WOD: ~10:30 (had to do it outside and used phone as timer).

  9. MarkB says:

    A) 165 — failed at 175
    B) practiced hang power clean
    C) 230 / 260 / 290
    D) Gas Mask — 9:05 Masters Rx

  10. Kelly C says:

    A. 100 (current pr)
    B. 130 (current pr)
    C. Done
    E. Gas mask 8:15

  11. a. 245
    b. 295
    c 295/335/380
    d. king kong 3:43

  12. Jeremy says:

    A) 195 (10# PR!)
    B) 245
    C) 245/285/330
    D) “Threesome” with Chloe and Jenn. 14:51, I believe. Fun.

  13. ikantola says:

    a) 150
    b) 190
    c) 165-190-215
    d) Hold On Team with Deering, Ledesma, House – 14:08

  14. In Athens, TX doing work on grandparents land for a week.
    Cleared cedar and pine yesterday, did a workout today inside a community fitness center (no oly bars, bumpers plates, KBs etc. etc…)
    Kinda made one up on my own:
    A) Front Squat: 5×5@ 75% (215) E90s
    B) Back Squat: 2@70, 2@80, 3×2@90 E2M (250, 275, 315)
    C) Clean Pulls: 5×5@ 65% (185) E90s
    D) Hip bridges 2×15
    Met con) 4 RFT: 30 DU, 20 T2B, 10 HSPU, 5 Burpess
    rest 2 min then 30 single arm DB Push Press @ 60#
    Then I ran routes with the jr college football team here.

  15. jeremykampen says:

    A) lots of misses at 245 and 250
    B) 310
    C) 295,335,380
    D) King Kong – 4:09

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