A quick recap on the finishes from this weekend:

Master’s Men
Jeff Morgan: 9th
Matt Counts: 13th
Craig Wingrove: 15th
Russ Laing: 16

Amateur Women
Alyson Boyd: 23rd

Amateur Men
Randy Atkinson: 41st
Jojo Macias: 43rd
Kyle Miller: 65th
Brett Bolus: 75th
Nate Baumeister: 80th
Dru Sellers: 87th

Pro Women
Karen Pierce: 7th
Judy McElroy: 15th

Pro Men
Brandon Mayernik: 11th
Jeremy Kampen: 19th

The Sharks: 4th (Jeff Vanlandingham, Reid Reagan, Chelsea Ross, Lizi Riley)
CrossFit Central: 24th (Teo Ledesma, Ben House, Jaime Shauger, Taylor Deering)
Up & Coming: 33rd (Jason Marks, David Riley, Chris Hartwell, Lisa Thiel, Sarah Scholwinski)
RBG BT: 44th (Mike Lubke, Jeff Tung, Kelli Pugh, Leah Cianci)

One of the more interesting and impressive things this weekend was the amount of PRs and also the size of the PRs during the Team Total event – especially on the deadlift. We went through an 8-week DL cycle back in September (?), and have not deadlifted outside of that. From the info I have been sent from some of our teams:

Teo Ledesma 430
Taylor Deering 315
Jeff Vanlandingham 565 (+65)
Jason Marks 420 (+35) –> Squat PR of 365 (+30)
Mike Lubke 405 (+30)

Great numbers on the strength side of things. Now, this is not all there is to being a great CrossFitter. It’s about that time – time to get down and dirty and really start to hit the conditioning with some gusto. Get Ready 🙂

Week 30 Training: 14.01.28

A1. 3xME Strict Pullups
A2. 3xME Extended ROM Box Pushups
A3. 3×10/10 Single Leg DB RDL @ Medium Weight DB

Notes: Rest as needed between sets. Re: Pullups – You should be hitting at least 10 each set. 

B. 5 Minute AMRAP: Handstand Hold

Notes: Accumulate as much time inverted as possible. Use the wall as your spotter and pull yourself off the wall using only your hands.

C. 10 Minute AMRAP for Quality of Movement:

-10 KB Snatch + Reverse Lunge (Right Hand, Right Foot) @ 24/16
-10 KB Snatch + Reverse Lunge (Left Hand, Left Foot) @ 24/16
-20 Med Ball Situps @ 20/14

Notes: Today, push hard but focus on quality of movement and control of ROM.


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6 comments on “14.01.28
  1. warmed up with some snatch work…#285 5lb pr

    A1. ring pull ups (10ish
    A2. around 25
    A3. 40lb

    B. none

    C. 3rds plus a couple snatches

  2. Soy Leche says:

    A1) 19 with L holds
    A2) 27ish
    A3) 20# light but worked on full range
    B. Word
    C. Later

  3. Alyson says:

    A1) 13/8/7 .. rrr yeah
    A2) I don’t think I did the right thing, but 25/23/18
    A3) Done @ 35#
    B) Done
    C) 3 rounds + 15 snatches

  4. Jason says:

    A1) 20/15/10
    A2) 30/22/15 — Full Depth
    A3) 55/70/55
    B) Done
    C) 3 Rds + 10 Snatches — Worked snatch form

  5. teoledesma says:

    B) complete
    C) 4 rounds + 12 snatches

  6. a1) 9-8-8
    a2) rounds 1 & 3 on 85lb dbs, round 2 on boxes: 15-16-17
    a3) with 35lb db
    b) done
    c) 3 rounds + 10 +10 + 7 sit ups

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