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You wanna train like a competitor? You better recover like one.

This week your goal is to spend an equal amount of time recovering outside the gym as you do training inside the gym. 1:1 — In other words, if you train for 6 hours this week, you have to recover for 6 as well.

8 hours of sleep, proper hydration, nutrition and supplementation do not count as recovery. These are the most basic requirements – if you don’t do these already, you should feel a deep sense of shame 🙂

Foam rolling, ART, Airrosti, mobilizing, yoga, acupuncture, massage, ice baths, Epsom Salt baths, light rowing, walking, meditation, swimming, light dynamic tri-plane movement – these are all ways to recover.

Don’t not do it.

Week 31 Training: 14.02.04


A. High Bar Back Squat: 10×3@75 – EMOM

Notes: Each set of 3 should be completed as fast as possible – no rest at the top or in the bottom. Full ROM is expected.


B.  Beep Test, Rest 2 Minutes, 2 Minute AMRAP Shoulder to Overhead @ 165/110#

Notes: The beep test is a classic test of fitness. To administer the test, I recommend the  free iPhone App called: “Beep Test FREE”. You will place two cones 20 meters apart. You must run between the cones, making it to the cone AT or BEFORE the beep. You will continue on in this fashion until you can no longer reach the cone by the beep. Your score is the number of rounds completed successfully before falling off pace. Rest two full minutes after you finish, and then complete your 2 minute S2OH AMRAP. 


C. 50 Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

Notes: 10-Minute Cap


D.  Beep Test, Rest 2 Minutes, 2 Minute AMRAP Shoulder to Overhead @ 165/110#

Notes: This is not a typo.


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29 comments on “14.02.04
  1. Brett Bolus says:

    A) 290
    B) 8.9 + 16. Wrist had hurt during s2oh so I stopped before the 2 minutes was up.
    C) Done

  2. Max says:

    A) not done —- groin issues
    B1) ?/17
    C) 40 chin over bar
    B2) 6.2/17

  3. Alyson says:

    A) Done @ 165#
    Beep: 5.3
    S2OH: 24
    C) DNF, 40 chin over bar- right bicep started cramping so slowed down on connecting.
    Beep: 5.3
    S2OH: 28

  4. Stacy says:

    Testing testing… Is this mic on?
    A) Done @ 155#
    B) Beep: 6.4
    S2OH: 13
    C) DNF (10 rx and 25 with purple band)
    D) Beep: 6.5
    S2OH: 15

  5. Reid says:

    A) 295
    B) 8.6/25
    C) 6 min.
    D) 7.5/24

  6. A) 315
    B) 7.6/28
    C) 8:52
    D) 6.1/28

  7. Fisher says:

    A) 250
    B) 7.4/14
    C) 6 min.
    D) 6.0/15 (dip and drive was weak and not fluid on STO.)

  8. drusellers says:

    A) 225 Front Squats – Back is still no bueno
    B) 5.1 / 12
    C) 9:45

  9. Lubke says:

    A) 245
    B) 10.1, 13
    C) 7:13
    D) 9.5, 13
    Beep beep! beep beep!

  10. Feliz says:

    A) 35
    B) .8, 50 @ 35#
    C) 5:30 with a band
    D) .6, 52 @35

  11. MarkB says:

    A) 245
    B) 5.3 / 10
    C) 9:20 (chin over bar)
    D) 6.1 / 10

  12. Jeff V says:

    A) 335
    B) Somewhere in the 6s and 26
    C) 8:00
    D) Somewhere in the 6s and 32

  13. Morgan says:

    a) 225
    b) 7.4 / 14
    c) between 8:00 and 9:00
    d) 7.2 / 14

  14. Sarah says:

    First day in the books! Thanks y’all, for being so welcoming today!
    A) Done @ 155#
    B) 5.7/13
    C) 50 w/band w/in 10min. (forgot to log time)
    D) 6.1/13

  15. Chels says:

    A. 180
    B. 5.7/21
    C. 9:42
    D. 6.1/21

  16. a) 180 (i love bonus’)
    b) 6.1 – 31
    c) 8:02
    d) 6.0 – 28

  17. Jeremy says:

    Sucks that I couldn’t train today. My muscle strain got worse as time went on. Seems to be the QL.
    Good news is, I got one of my classmates to ART the shite out of me. I’m bruised now, but things are looking up. Being a Kines student has its perks.

  18. Taylor Deering says:

    A) done @220
    B) 6.6/34
    C) 34 with band chin over . Did first couple without a band then that shit wasn’t happening anymore
    D) 7.1/33

  19. A. 315
    B. 6.8/41
    C. 6:15
    D. 7.8/38

  20. JeffT says:

    A) 245
    B) 10.1 / 10
    C) 5:37
    D) 9.4 / 13

  21. A. Strength 340
    B. 5.2/39
    C. 8:41
    D. 5.1/45

  22. echopatient says:

    A. 205 #chickenlegz
    B. 6.2 / 13
    C. 25 strict as shit
    D. 7.1 / 15

  23. A) 280
    B) 7.8/ 30 Push Press at 135
    C) 7:35
    D) 6.8/ 25 Push Press at 135

  24. teoledesma says:

    A)255 11 rds

  25. jeremykampen says:

    A) 315
    B) 9.1 / 34
    C) 9:10
    D) 7.9 / 35

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