One of the new(er) additions to the Program: Mr. Russ Laing.

Today there is a partner WOD incorporated into the programming. I want you to be very aware of *who* your partner is. How will you carry each other through the WOD? How will you communicate? What is your game plan and how will you execute? It’s not *always* about being the *best*.

Another thought: How will you recover between the two conditioning pieces? What will you eat or drink (or will you not eat or drink anything)? Side note: sitting on your ass might not be the best option.

Week 32 Training: 14.02.11


A. High Bar Back Squat: 10×3@80% – EMOM

Notes: Each set of 3 should be completed as fast as possible – no rest at the top or in the bottom. Full ROM is expected.


B. Partner WOD – 5 Rounds (Each) For Time:
-Row 250m
-Dual KB Rack Hold @ 24/16

Notes: This is a partner WOD. The partner who is rowing may only row when the other partner has their KBs in the front rack position. KBs may not rest on top of the shoulders. The WOD is complete when both partners have rowed a total of 1,250 meters.

-REST 15 Minutes Between Part B and Part C-

C. For Time:
-KBS @ 32/24
-HSPU @ 1×45


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25 comments on “14.02.11
  1. Max says:

    A) 240#x4; 290#x6 (warming up the groin)
    B) ~10:20
    C) Scaled (HSPU 7,3,3,3,0,1,1,DNF)

  2. Chad Fisher says:

    A) 270#x6; 250#x4 (low back, getting work done tomorrow)
    B) ~10:20
    C) (DNF) got to the 4’s

  3. Alyson says:

    A) Done @ 180#
    B) 10:27
    C) 6:24

  4. jeremykampen says:

    A) 340#, had a miss on set 8
    B) 9:52 (Morgan and I)
    C) 7:23

  5. Feliz says:

    A) 45#
    B) used 1 16K KB and rowed 200 – 10:40ish
    C) used a 25# KB and did the HSPU from the floor – did 3 HSPU in the 7’s

  6. Brett Bolus says:

    A) 305
    B) 11:00 (done with Dru)
    C) Got to 5’s

  7. drusellers says:

    A) 240 front squats
    B) I have 9:40 for me and Brett – but not sure we beat Jeremy and Morgan
    C) 11:48

  8. randallgatkinson says:

    A) 320 for 5, then dropped to 270 for last 5. Knees are crunchy
    B) 10:12 w/ Big Russ
    C) 9:37

  9. Morgan says:

    a) 240# felt good
    B) 9:52 (Thanks for getting me through the last KB sets, Kampen!)
    C) 79 reps

  10. MarkB says:

    A) 225
    B) 11:24 w/ Nate
    C) 53 reps

  11. Jeff V says:

    A) 355
    B) don’t remember. Didn’t beat kampen and Morgan.
    C) 7:42

  12. Kelly C says:

    a. 125
    b. 11:40ish? with kelli
    c. went right into this with Mark and Nate bc of time – 77 reps

  13. Reid says:

    A) 315
    B) 10 min.
    C) 9:08…not happy with this.

  14. Chels says:

    A. 190
    B. 10:38 w/ Karen
    C. 6:13

  15. teoledesma says:

    A) 275
    B) 10:36 w Jeff M
    C) 6:56

  16. Jeremy says:

    Sorry to have missed y’all again. Got food poisoning yesterday. Can’t seem to catch a break lately.

  17. Lubke says:

    A) 250
    B) 10:27 w/ Aly B
    C) No hspu. KB swing breating thing. 1,2,3…10,9,8…1

  18. A. 335
    B. not sure, 11 something?
    C. 10:59

  19. Soy Leche says:

    Only did the Stregnth part today
    Letting shoulder get back to normal. Be back thurs

  20. Stacy says:

    A. 155
    B. 10:56 (with Sarah)
    C. 9:02 (10s and 9s @ 45 and 8-1 with no plates)

  21. ikantola says:

    a) 190 (I LOVE THESE SKWATS)
    b) 10:12 with Lizi (BEAT carey and judy by a hair… that was stressful)
    c) 5:26

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