A quick shout-out to a couple of people following the blog from various parts of the world: Jeremy Goldstrich (Japan), Lauren Prutow (Hawaii), Cory Pratt (Oregon) and @itsmeadriano (Alabama). Thanks for the support and thanks for joining us on this journey. Keep us updated with your progress and let us know how you fare during the Open!

We’ve had a couple of brutal days here at the gym. Some athletes are rising to the occasion and are eating everything put on their plate. Others are struggling a bit more, but are still combining high-quality movement with proper pacing.

For both camps, RECOVERY cannot be over-emphasized. Training strength and conditioning for peak performance is a game of stimulus and response. The stimulus is what happens in the gym (lifting, running, etc). While the response (how you respond) is everything that happens when you are not training.

Read the above paragraph again: it is a game. I will admit, some of what we do is guesswork. That’s part of it. No one can ever know with 100% certainty how something will affect someone until it has been tried.

One of the most important (if not the most important) parts of training is clear, steady and honest feedback and communication with two people: 1) Yourself and 2) Your coach, or the person responsible for your training. Without that feedback, you will either eat too much or too little. Some need more, some need less. Some need generalization. Some need specificity.

All need hard work, dedication and heart.

Week 33 Training: 14.02.19


Clean food. 1 Gallon of Water. 9 Hours of sleep. Vitamins & supplements.

Foam roll, ART, Airrosti, mobilize, acupuncture, meditation.

Yoga, walk, swim, row, air dyne.

You must hit a 1:1 “Training:Recovery” ratio this week and every week from here on out. It’s not going to get easier. Some of you are doing great. Keep it up. Some of you have exhausted written all over your faces half-way through the warm-up!

Take care of your shit.


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3 comments on “14.02.19
  1. randallgatkinson says:

    Alright, give me some honest feedback.

    Randy Atkinson 512.422.8920 mbl

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  2. Morgan says:

    Ok. I think you are punctual. You bring a great attitude into the gym. The vegan thing is a little weird, but we all have to march to our own drum.

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