Two in a row 🙂

Last training day before the Open.

Week 34 Training: 14.02.26


A. EMOM x 10:

Odd Rounds (1,3,5,7,9):
5 Banded Deadlifts @ 40% Bar Weight + Band – TNG & AFAP
5 Box Jumps @ 24/20″

Even Rounds (2,4,6,8,10):
5 Back Squats @ 60% – AFAP
5 Hand-Release Pushups


B. 3 Rounds, not for time:

3 x 8: Ring-Row
3 x 8: Hip Extensions @ Bodyweight – 4 seconds up, 4 seconds down


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11 comments on “14.02.26
  1. Deads: 205 with Green
    Box Jumps: Done
    Back Squats: 255
    Push Ups: Done
    AUX: Done

  2. Chad Fisher says:

    Deads: 185 with Green
    Box Jumps: Done
    Back Squats: 205
    Push Ups: Done
    AUX: Done

  3. Feliz says:

    DL – 16K KB
    box – set up’s
    BS – 12 K KB
    Push ups – yes
    Aux – done

  4. drusellers says:

    Deads: 185 w/ Green Band
    Squats: 225 – on the back! They are coming back.
    Aux: Done.

  5. MarkB says:

    DL: 145 w/ green band
    BS: 195
    Aux: done

  6. Chels says:

    A. Squat 145
    DL 135+blue band
    B. Done
    C. Muscle up volume

  7. JeffT says:

    Deadlift: 145 w / Green band
    Squat: 195
    Aux Done

  8. Brett Bolus says:

    185 DL w/ green band
    Box Jumps: done
    Back squat: 205. Took it a little easy today.
    Push-ups done

    Aux done

  9. Jason says:

    175 DL w/ green
    225 Back Squat
    Everything else donezo

    Lets go!!!!!!!

  10. 225 dl green
    265 bs

  11. ikantola says:

    DL 135 plus blue
    box jumps to 24″
    squats at 145

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