Ingrid K.

Week 44 Training: 14.05.06

A. 3-Position Clean + 1 Push Jerk: 5×1@ 70

B. 3×1: 1 Minute ME Handstand Walk

C. Walk 1 Mile with a 20#/10# Weight Vest

D. Row 2,000 m at Conversation Pace


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13 comments on “14.05.06
  1. brettbolus says:

    A) 205 (15/15 cleans) (5/5 push jerk). Felt pretty heavy.
    B) Done. Turned around and kept walking once.
    C) Row done.
    D) Walk done.

  2. Feliz says:

    A) 95
    B-D done

  3. randallgatkinson says:

    A) 225
    B) Done
    C) Done
    D) Done

  4. Morgan says:

    a) 170; 15/15 and 5/5
    b) Done. Almost got the turnaround
    c) Done; 7:33
    d) Done; walk 800, jog 800

  5. Stacy says:

    A) 115
    B) Done
    C) Done
    D) Done

  6. drusellers says:

    A) 185
    BCD) Done

  7. MarkB says:

    A) 165
    B) Done
    C) Done
    D) Done

  8. Alyson says:

    A) 135, power
    B) Done
    C & D) Just rowed

  9. Kyle Miller says:

    A) 225 missed last jerk
    BCD) Done

  10. JeffT says:

    A) 165
    B) Done
    C) Done
    D) Done

  11. A) 5×10 RDL with kb instead (nursing elbow)

    B) done
    C) done

  12. Jason says:

    A) 180 (PCs)
    B) 128’/96’/120′
    C) Done
    D) Done

  13. citostokes says:

    A) 130
    B) 36’/36’/32′
    C) skipped for lack of time
    D) Done

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