Red Sea. Black Tide.

Start of a new cycle. For realz this time 🙂

Week 48 Training: 14.06.02

A. 6 Sets – E2M:

1. SN 1st Pull w/3-count hold at knee + SN Pull + SN – Go By Feel
2. R/L Common Lunge Matrix @ 45/30 Dumbbell

B. For Time, Quality and ROM


-Depth Pushups
-Strict Pull-ups

C. 3 x ME Nose & Toes Handstand Hold


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12 comments on “14.06.02
  1. brettbolus says:

    A1) 145/145/155/155/165/165

    A2) done

    B) Done. Did not use a clock. Focused on quality and ROM but made sure to not stop moving.

    C) done

  2. Feliz says:

    A1) 65
    A2) done
    B) 18:10 on 45’s
    C) done

  3. Alyson says:

    A1) Done at 105
    A2) Done
    B) 15:30
    C) Done.. minute-ish each round

  4. MarkB says:

    A1) 115 –> 135
    A1) 15#
    B) 16:41 (2×45# plates)
    C) Done

  5. Lance Winchester says:

    This is Mom. Replying with a test email from Dad’s account.

  6. mlubke says:

    A) 135, 15
    B) 11:14 (1×45)
    C) done

  7. drusellers says:

    A) 135, 30
    B) I finished after lubke and he started after me (so fast)
    C) Done

  8. Morgan says:

    a) 95, 45
    b) 13:30 (3×45)
    c) Done

  9. Jason says:

    A) 135
    B) 11:40 — Not feeling too hot toay
    C) Skipped

  10. A) 125
    B) 20 something with option B

  11. echopatient says:

    A. 135
    B. 13:00
    C. Did not dew.

  12. citostokes says:

    A) 95 really working on getting these movements right
    B) 18:30 (45+25) that’s probably a PR for most strict pullups under 20m
    C) out of time

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