Jeremy Kampen. (aka: Mountain Man, Old Man, Taffy)

I met Jeremy at the South Central Regionals in 2012. We first saw each other at the Central Market in San Antonio, and it was man-beard-love at first sight.

We kept in touch, and when Jeremy decided that he wanted a shot a going to the Games on a Games Team, he contacted me and began training with Team Central shortly thereafter.

To say that Jeremy was a breath of fresh air to our team is an understatement. He came to us as a (decently) developed CrossFitter. Jeremy had tons of experience as a competitor – and at the highest levels as well (outside of the Games), but he had spent almost the entirety of his CF life training out of his own garage. In his time with us, Jeremy has improved significantly in both strength and fitness and has learned a couple of new tricks along the way.

The minute he stepped into the gym and started training with the other boys, I knew something good was going to happen. A natural leader and positive energy, Jeremy added life to our 5:30 AM training sessions immediately. From the Open, through Regionals, and to the Games, Jeremy has been a marquee athlete and the base of our “Men’s-side ” foundation. In past years, Team CC has has some great male athletes, and a lot of solid ones to fill in gaps – but never before has our Team had so much male strength, potential and talent in one place at one time.

A big part of that is due to Jeremy. He shows up day-in and day-out. He leaves his wife and 3 children early in the morning and is finished with his daily training before most people’s alarms go off. He has gambled and sacrificed much to fulfill his dream of competing at the CrossFit Games, and his gamble has paid off.

I am both happy for and proud of Mr. Kampen. I want to thank and honor him, his wife Lindsay and his family for allowing him to play with us for so long. I know that you all are as happy for him as we are – and I look forward to seeing y’all in California 🙂


Week 54 Training: 14.07.14

A. 10 Min to Establish a 1-RM Snatch

B. 10 Min to Establish a 1-RM Strict Pull-Up

C. For Time: 2 Kilometer Row




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11 comments on “14.07.14
  1. mlubke says:

    A) Snatch: 185 lb
    B) Pullup: 90 lb
    C) Row: 7:19

  2. Feliz says:

    A) 90
    B) 20
    C) 8:54

  3. MarkB says:

    A) 165
    B) 63
    C) 7:32

  4. Chad Fisher says:

    A) 201
    C) 7:25

  5. Alyson says:

    A) 125 / 135 miss x a lot .. rough today
    B) 50
    C) 8:48

  6. Russ Laing says:

    A) 185
    B) 90
    C) 7:06

  7. coachjeffmck says:

    A — 200 / caught 205 but decided to put it back down

    B — 107lbs

    C — 7:19

  8. Morgan says:

    a) 185
    b) 100
    c) 7:01

  9. citostokes says:

    A) 135
    B) 50
    C) 8:22

  10. Kelly C says:

    A. 115 (+15)
    B. 30
    C. 9:35 (oops)

  11. A) 145 (-15 under my PR)
    C) 7:52

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