Chelsea McKinney. (aka: CheerFit, Bedazzled, Bows)

If you saw her and didn’t know her, you’d probably think Chelsea was only about cheerleading, bedazzled accessories, bows in her hair and size 5 shoes. But you’d be wrong.

Chelsea is one of the best female athletes in the South Central region, but like so many others on this team, she was not born into greatness – she had to work to get there. I have been coaching Chelsea since she first started classes at the RedBlack Gym. In those days, Chelsea was looking to get better. What she lacked in physical strength and mental/emotional toughness, she more than made up for in determination and consistency. Although she was far from competing with the plethora of top females at CrossFit Central, it was her dream to one day challenge them for a top spot.

After competing for RedBlack CrossFit on the team in 2012 and as an individual in 2013, she decided to make the move to train with the Central competitors group. Right away she noticed the difference in training environment and the level of skill and strength. She had transitioned from being a big fish in a little pond to being the small fish in the big pond… filled with sharks.

It has taken Chelsea years to develop and mold her body, mind and spirit to become what she is today: one of the sharks. She is a bad-ass-mamma-jamma that knows how to go for the throat when the prize is on the line.

She is what we would consider our “gymnastics expert” (max-effort set of pull-ups at 50; the ability to do high-rep sets of muscle-ups, bar muscle-ups, handstand pushups and handstand walks on command) but recently she has found her other strength on the team: long-distance running. If the WOD is long, or there is long-distance running involved, Chelsea is our top girl.

Every time the team has needed Chelsea to step up and perform under pressure, she has done so with poise, courage and tenacity. The Chelsea that you see representing Team Central this year at the Games is not the Chelsea you would have met even a year ago. She has put in countless hours in the gym and at least an equal number outside the gym to achieve her dream.

Her attention to detail, her willingness to learn and her ability to put the tedious and hard work in when no one is watching is what has made her the CrossFitter she is today. I’m proud of Chelsea for so many reasons, and can’t wait for her to step onto the field at the CrossFit Games to show the World who she is and what she has to offer.

Congrats Chelsea 🙂

Week 54 Training: 14.07.17

Recovery Day


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