Brandon Mayernik. (aka: #TellHerILift, Pec-Deck, “B”)

Juggernaut: jug.ger.naut – /ˈjəgərˌnôt/ – noun – a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force.

That pretty much sums him up.

Brandon started CrossFit because he wanted something to occupy his free time. After a couple of workouts, it was obvious that he was meant to do more than just “dabble” in the sport… He walks into the room and you notice him immediately – if not for his massive physical stature then for his huge “I know something you don’t” smile. He’s the kind of athlete that every coach salivates over: young, passionate and determined.

Brandon has been with us for about two years, and in that time he has become one of our strongest male athletes and the cornerstone of our men’s side. His most impressive lift (and one of the most impressive I have ever personally witnessed) is a — 300 lb. — hang snatch in a training session. If that’s the only stat you heard, you might think he was just a meat-head lifter who can throw heavy bars around. But you’d be wrong. Just last week, he ran a 6:30 mile. While wearing a 30# weight vest. If you test him on the rower, you would quickly discover that he can row a 2K in around 6:20. He can also hit 10 unbroken muscle-ups and walk on his hands better than anyone else at CrossFit Central. But I digress…

Even more impressive than his athletic statistics and achievements is his integrity and commitment to excellence. Brandon is a no-bullshit kinda guy. He wants to train, he wants to compete and he wants to win. He believes in himself and he believes in his team even more. In my opinion, one of the biggest factors for an athlete to be successful is his or her coach-ability. Brandon is definitely coachable. But one factor that I and many other coaches often overlook is the sense of curiosity that an athlete possesses. Brandon is curious and inquisitive in the best way – he is always searching for a way to do it better, stronger, faster and more efficiently.

His response to any and all challenges is “Let’s Go. Game on.” And that’s how he helped lead our team to a 4th place finish at Regionals last year and a 1st place finish this year. We simply could not have done it without him.

Thank you Brandon. Here’s to you and here’s to the future.

Week 54 Training: 14.07.18

A. Establish a 1-RM Deadlift

B. For Time:


Overhead Squats @ 135/95


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13 comments on “14.07.18
  1. mlubke says:

    A) 425
    B) 3:15

  2. Alyson says:

    A) 275 (35# PR)
    B) 2:30

  3. Feliz says:

    A) 135
    B 7:58 at 65#

  4. Morgan says:

    a) 415 (20# PR)
    b) 5:34

  5. MarkB says:

    A) 345 (10# PR)
    B) 5:55

  6. Macon Stokes says:

    A) 335 (20# PR)
    B) @95 6:50

  7. Russ Laing says:

    A) 405
    B) 5:26

  8. Matt Counts says:

    A) 405 (30# PR)

    B) 5:31

  9. coachjeffmck says:

    Missed today but latest DL PR was at Project Mayhem — 455#. Will do conditioning mañana

  10. Kelly C says:

    A. 200 (+15)
    B. doing tomorrow

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