Lisa Thiel (aka: Captain, Momma Strong, #letsgo)

Of all the members of Team Central 2014, Lisa has the most experience by far. Competing at the Games for her fourth time (she also competed in 2008, 2010 and 2011), she will lead the team into battle as their Captain.

Lisa is the foundation and the bedrock of this team. She is the calm in the storm and the voice of reason for everyone around her. I don’t care who you are: training for the Games is hard. Whether you’re an individual athlete or part of a team… the hours in the gym training, the hours outside of the gym recovering, the amount of money you spend on food, supplements and body care is beyond significant.

Even more so if you have a family and baby boy. At the beginning of this season, Lisa was deciding whether she would train to compete as an individual this year or join the team. After several talks with Ingrid and myself, Lisa made the decision to commit to training full-time with the team. She completely re-worked her schedule and began training two days per week at 1:00 PM and two days per week at 5:30 AM. She made it to every two-a-day we had on Saturdays and Sundays and she did so all while managing two gyms and continuing to be a mother and wife.

At this year’s Regionals, Lisa was a dominant force all weekend. While we did not get the same attention as some other teams (the announcers said we were not flashy or noticeable) and while many teams doubted if Lisa could even do handstand pushups (she was our fastest female on the HSPU workout by a large margin) she lead the team calmly, with purposeful action, humility, hunger and confidence.

I cannot speak highly enough of how much she has sacrificed or what this trip to the CrossFit Games will mean to her. She has shown what it means to lead by example and to not give up when times get tough and when things are their hardest. I have coached many athletes in my time at CrossFit Central, but Lisa is without a doubt one of the most steadfast, dedicated and determined individuals I have had the pleasure of coaching.

I want to take this post to thank Lisa, Jeremy and Jacob for their energy, effort, time and commitment. If not for y’all, this team could not have come together. Thank you Lisa. It will be worth it. #LETSGO

Week 55 Training: 14.07.21

“Double 2”

-Row 2 Kilometers
-200 Double Unders
-Run 2 Miles


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14 comments on “14.07.21
  1. mlubke says:


  2. MarkB says:


  3. Morgan says:


  4. Feliz says:

    35:00 ish? forgot to write it down

  5. Russ Laing says:


  6. coachjeffmck says:

    30:05. Back locked up end of lap 3 at 25:00. Last lap took 5mins. Eff.

  7. Jason says:

    What a god awful workout, but I guess that’s what I deserve for leaving.


  8. Nathan says:

    I didn’t have a rower, so I did 200 air squats instead. I also forgot how many hills there are in my neighborhood.


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