Chloe C

Congratulations are in order for Ms. Chloe Chiasson — she has been invited to tryout for the US Women’s Rugby Team!

In addition to her rapid improvements in strength, skill and conditioning, Chloe has also been moonlighting as a rugged, and apparently she has caught the eye of some of the top coaches in the nation.

Good luck Chloe, not that you need it 🙂

Week 01 Training: 14.08.05

A. Every 2.5 Minutes for 6 Sets:

Snatch: 1@70, 1@75, 1@80

B. Not for Time:


-Banded Good Mornings
-Glute-Ham Situps
-Dual DB Bent Over Row + Rotation
-Strict HSPU

C. Butterfly Pull-Up: 5 Minute Skill/Technique Work

D. 8 Rounds for Reps:
-15 Seconds ME Pull-ups
-15 Seconds Rest


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11 comments on “14.08.05
  1. brettbolus says:

    A) 205- 145/155/165. 17/18

    GHD- done
    Banded GM- black band
    BO Row- 30#
    HSPU- unbroken

    C) done

    D) roughly 5-8 every set.

  2. Stacy says:

    A) 75, 80, and 85
    B) done (2 ab mats for strict HSPU)
    C) and D) done and done

  3. Alyson says:

    That’s so awesome, congrats Chloe!

    A) na – form work
    B) Done – rows with 20s and 25s, GMs with purple band
    C) Done
    D) 70

  4. Chad Fisher says:

    A) 145/160/170.
    GHD- done
    Banded GM- Skipped Tight back
    BO Row- 30#
    HSPU- unbroken

  5. Feliz says:

    A) 70,75,80
    B) done – rows with 20, 2 ab mats for HSPU and green band
    C & D – done

  6. MarkB says:

    A) 125 / 135 / 145
    B) Done w/ 1 abmat
    Skipped C & D due to shoulder

  7. That’s awesome Chloe!

    A: 150/160/170

    GHD: Done
    Banded GM: between standard green band and thick black
    BO Row : 30#
    HSPU- Unbroken

    C&D: Done 5-10 per set

  8. Morgan says:

    a) 135 / 145 / 155 (16/18)
    b) done (purple, 1 abmat, 30#)
    c/d) done – more little butterflies than legitimate reps, but form felt good.

  9. Russ Laing says:

    A) 135/145/155 17/18
    B) done
    C&D) Done

  10. Sarah says:

    A) 75/80/85
    B) Done – Rows w/ 20’s, GM’s w/ green, started w/ 1 abmat, went to 2 after 1st set of 10. : /
    C&D) Done – good practice.

  11. A)115/120/125
    B) done at 35# DB
    C&d) done

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