Mark Brazell.

From myself and everyone else in the GGRX program, Happy Birthday to you Mark!

Mark’s birthday was technically yesterday, so if you see him, make sure to smack him on the ass. Or just shake his hand. Mark has been with us literally since the beginning of the program back when the RedBlack Gym first opened its doors. He is an invaluable member of my 6:30 AM class, and I am grateful to have him with us still. 

Thanks Mark – you are a great friend and awesome athlete to coach each and every morning.

Week 02 Training: 14.08.15

A. Back Squat: 8×4@80 + 10-15

Notes: The 80% above is 80% of your 90% training max.

B. Every 30 Seconds x 20 (10 min):

-1 Power Snatch @ 70

C. 10 Min Row @ L2/5


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15 comments on “14.08.15
  1. mlubke says:

    A) 255
    B) 135
    C) done

  2. Alyson says:

    A) 180
    B) 100
    C) Done

  3. Jeff V says:

    A) 330
    B) 170
    C) done

  4. brettbolus says:

    A) 295
    B) 145
    C) done. Went about 2400 meters

  5. Chad Fisher says:

    A) 270
    B) 145-155
    C) Distance was about 2500 meters

  6. Feliz says:

    A) 115
    B) 70
    C) done

    Happy Birthday Alyson!

  7. Sarah says:

    A) 165
    B) 75
    C) done

  8. ToddW says:

    A) 330 for 4-5 sets
    B) skipped
    C) done

    Happy birthday Alyson!

  9. Morgan says:

    a) 240
    b) 135 (19/20)
    c) tonight

  10. Russ Laing says:

    a) 250
    b) 140
    c) done – about 2300 metres

  11. Kelly C says:

    A. 135
    B. 80
    C. Work

  12. Nathan says:

    A) 255
    B) 140
    C) no rowing machine, so I ran

  13. MarkB says:

    A) 250
    B) 10@125,10@130
    C) done

  14. drusellers says:

    A) 235
    B) 150
    C) Done

  15. coachjeffmck says:


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