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My apologies. I had to remove the Rip article. I had not read it all the way through, and it was too much even for me. At this point he’s just being controversial to be controversial, and at the very least he could have kept it to 1000 words or less. 

Week 05 Training: 14.09.05

A. Box Squat: 10×2@50 – AFAP! – EMOM

B. Power Clean: 10×2@85 – EMOM

C. EMOM x 20 (5 Full Rounds):

Minutes 0-2: Row 200m
Minute 3: 10 Push Jerks @ 155/105#
Minute 4: 5 Muscle Ups

Notes: You will have 2 minutes to Row 500m. If you finish before the two minutes are up, rest. You will then have 1 minute to perform 10 Push Jerks @ 155/105. If you finish before the minute, rest. You will then have 1 minute to perform 5 Muscle Ups. If you finish before the minute, rest.

In minute 5 & 6, you will begin your second round. You will complete 5 full rounds – it should take you 20 minutes.

If you struggle with Muscle Ups, scale. I want you to work on two things: 1) Getting explosive and 2) Body position. I would actually prefer you work on hips to bar or hips to rings. Work to ensure quality.


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12 comments on “14.09.05
  1. brettbolus says:

    A) 205
    B) 235
    C) done. Really happy I got all push jerks unbroken at 155. Got the first 3 sets of MUs unbroken but not the last 2 sets

  2. mlubke says:

    A) 170
    B) 210
    C) S2OH: 10, 10, 7, 7, 7
    MU: 5, 5, 3, 3, 3

  3. Feliz says:

    A) 85
    B) 85
    C) done

  4. Reid says:

    A) 225
    B) 245
    C) Done – UB.

  5. Chad Fisher says:

    A) 205
    B) 235
    C) 3 Sets unbroken S20 All MU Unbroken

  6. Alyson says:

    A) 120
    B) 140
    C) Done – all Push Jerks unbroken, MUs unbroken for 5/4/4/3/2 – Fun one!

  7. MarkB says:

    A) 175
    B) 195
    C) S2OH – 10 / 10 / 6 / 7 / 6+1
    Sub’ed hips to rings for MUs

  8. TDUB says:

    A) 185 but only did like 4 sets
    B) 190 – kept it lighter to work on form and not put alot of stress on the Ol LB
    C) Done . S2OH UB, Mus 5/5/3,2/2,2/ 1

  9. vanlandingbad says:

    A) 225
    B) 245
    C) Check

    Fun workout. Box squats felt better than they have in the past for some reason.

  10. Morgan says:

    a) and b) Skipped and did mobility
    c) Subbed Airdyne for row and 85# strict press for push jerk, all MU unbroken

  11. Chels says:

    A. 125
    B. 125-145
    C. Push jerks-UB
    Still a little hesitant with my shoulder on MUs. Started strict then added a small kip an felt pretty good. 4/round

  12. coachjeffmck says:

    UB def a fight

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