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Week 13 Training: 14.10.29

A. Sumo Deadlift: 5×2 @ AHAP – EMOM

B. 21-15-9:

Deadlift @ 225/155#
OHS @ 135/95#

C. 3 Rounds Not For Time:

15 Reverse Hyper – Go By Feel
ME Unbroken Toes to Bar – Go To Failure


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10 comments on “14.10.29
  1. Alyson says:

    A) 235
    B) 6:17 .. good lessons.. bad management.. 9 DLs should/could have been UB
    C) Done, subbed in GHDs for 2 sets for hands

  2. Russ Laing says:

    A) 335
    B) finished the 21s, 15s and 9 of the deadlifts. didn’t get to the last 9 OHS
    C) done

  3. vanlandingbad says:

    Took it easy bc I tweaked my back doing some weird rotational warm-up stuff. Add straight leg deadlifts with a rotation to towel pull-ups to things I don’t do.

  4. Morgan says:

    a) 235
    b) 87 reps
    c) Had to go

  5. Reid says:

    A) 365 Across
    B) 6:07 – way too conservative
    C) Done

  6. brandon says:

    Did yesterday’s conditioning going to hit today later on..I knew my hspu were bad but shit


    Rest 5min


    3×15 T2b

  7. echopatient says:

    Bad news is I missed tonight due to a work event.. Good news is I ate 10 slices of pizza.

    Did the following at the gym this evening:
    A. 315 x5
    B(1) EMOM x9, 5 DL’s @ 225#, directly into
    B(2) EMOM x9, 5 OHS @135#
    C. 3 Rounds (E3M): 20 Hip Extensions, 20 TTB

  8. Anthony says:

    A. 335
    B. 2 of 9 OHS (225/115)
    C. 12-12-9

  9. brandon says:

    A. 315-405

    B. 6:25 went ub on 21/21 – 5s/15 – 1s and 2s/9. Everything felt alright. Switching the plates wasted a little energy.

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