Team Karhu. 

This weekend, we had 15 Karhu athletes compete at the 3rd Annual Power Output Challenge. The event itself was awesome – great workouts, well-run and fun to be a part of. The facility was top-notch and the prizes were fitting of the level of athletes in attendance.

Our crew represented well in our first official competition, taking our fair share of podium spots, as well as placing very well in all divisions.

To recap:

Chad Fisher: 25th – Rx
Jake Whitefield: 17th – Rx
Mike Lubke: 4th – Scaled
Mark Brazell: 17th – Masters
Chloe Chiasson: 6th – Rx
Leah Cianci – 4th – Rx
Team Karhu – 4th – Rx

Podium Finishes:

Kyler Allison: 3rd – Rx
Jeff Morgan: 2nd – Masters
Pril Jones: 2nd – Masters
Sarah Scholwinski: 2nd – Scaled
Alyson Boyd: FIRST Place – Rx

All of our athletes performed well and represented Karhu with pride. While I’m not surprised, I am very excited at the level of poise and experience they showed up with all day. The workouts were varied and they were hard. Some very valuable lessons were learned, and I feel like this was just what we needed to send us into the next phase of our training with purpose and focus.

With that said, I thin that we all would agree that the performance of the weekend goes to Alyson Boyd. She has been working hard every damn day to shore up the chinks in her armor and improve her movement, strength and conditioning. Some of her best performances were on “conditioning workouts” – the kind that used to eat her lunch. Well-done Alyson: you deserve your finish at the top of the podium this weekend.

Week 14 Training: 14.11.03

A. Hang Power Snatch: 5×2@60 – Touch and Go

B. Hang Power Clean + Push Jerk: 5×2+2@60 – Touch and Go

C. 10 Minute AMRAP:
– 250m Row
– 20 Russian Swings @ 24/16kg
– 15 Sprawls

10 Minute AMRAP:
– 200m Run
– 15 Thrusters @ 75/55#
– 10 Alternating Box Step-Ups @ 24/20

10 Minute AMRAP:
– 250m Row
– 20 Russian Swings @ 24/16kg
– 15 Sprawls

10 Minute AMRAP:
– 200m Run
– 15 Thrusters @ 75/55#
– 10 Alternating Box Step-Ups @ 24/20


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8 comments on “14.11.03
  1. Reid says:

    A) 155
    B) 205
    C) Started with run amrap followed by row amrap
    -5 rds + 200m run
    -3 rds + 6 kbs
    -5 rds + 30m run
    -4 rds + 87m row

  2. brettbolus says:

    A) 120
    B) 175

    C) done. Did push press instead of thrusters and airdyne instead of rowing

  3. Morgan says:

    a) 120
    b) 150
    c) 30:00 (Row, Run, Row)

  4. Alyson says:

    Thank you!!

    A) 85#
    B) 115#
    C) Good mental challenge! (lost track on the runs, but think I was ~3/4 a rd behind Reid.. so estimates)
    B: 5 + 30m run
    A: 3 + 200m row
    B: 4 + 7 thrusters
    A: 3 + 8 kbs

  5. Feliz says:

    A) 65#
    B) 75#
    C) done
    felt good to be back in the gym but it was nice to get some sleep-missed everyone

  6. MarkB says:

    A) 105
    B) 135
    C) 3rds + 70m run / 3rds / 2rds + 200m run / 3rds + 249m row

  7. brandon says:

    Last night
    Worked up to 315 clean and jerk

    Touch and go
    5 clean and jerk 225
    5 hang clean front squat 225
    3 clean and jerk 245

    185 for snatch

    205 for clean and jerk

    Had to stop after the third amrap for work. Hit 4rds for each of the three. Back was feeling a little tight. Probably from from the clean and jerk last night..

  8. Anthony says:

    A. 115
    B. 165
    C1. 4 + 150m
    C2. 3 + 100m
    C3. 3 + 100m
    C4. 3 + 8 thrusters

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