So proud of this team.

A great weekend competing at the 6th annual All Cities Open, hosted by CrossFit Dallas Central!

In case you missed it, our athletes showed very well this weekend. With all 4 of our women placing top 15 and 3/4 of our men placing top 30, this was not only a good test of where we are, but we also got a sneak peak of how some of our athletes work together in a team setting.

Ingrid made the podium, finishing 3rd overall against a stacked field. She had to hold on to her 3rd place rank in the last workout – a showdown between her, Brooke Ence and Audra Lebeau. She did what she needed to do, and once again placed top in one of the biggest competitions in the South.

Team Karhu finished 2nd overall, losing out on the top of the podium in an old-fashioned test of strength: a tug-of-war. Although Kyler, Reid, Ingrid and Jessica did well and won the first 3/4 of the final, they struggled in the tug-of-war against a much bigger team.

Regardless of the finishes – the group we had at the ACO was indicative of the movement we have started. At the end of the day, it’s not about the athletes competing on the floor — it’s about what those athletes represent and who those athletes represent: heir friends, families and CF community. To excel – to win – an individual or team has to have a Why. The Why is individual to each person and to each team — but they all have them.

This group is very special. Special athletes backed by a special family. Those that show up to support and cheer are no less important than those that put their bodies on the line for a chance at glory. They don’t do it for themselves. They do it for us – they do it for you. I am both proud and inspired by these people – all of them.

We now have a better gauge of what we need to do to prepare for this year’s Games Season. Time to tighten the screws. #laybricks #onebyone #virtuosity

Week 20 Training: 14.12.15

A. Power Snatch: 5×3@75 – Triples (NOT touch-and-go) – E90S

B. Push Jerk: 5×3@75 – Triples (NOT touch-and-go) – E90S

C. Snatch Pull: 3×3@95 – E2M

D. Back Squat: 10×2@86 – E90S

E. Not For Time:

15/15 Barbell Turkish Getups


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2 comments on “14.12.15
  1. Brandon says:

    Power snatch @ 205

    Back squat @365

    Tgu 3 kg kb 15/15

    10 thrusters @135
    10 Pause bench w/red bands @135

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