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Guilt vs. Shame

“A shame-based culture imposes its values from outside the individual, by the good or bad opinion of the group. The community imposes its code on the members by such acts as shunning and public shaming.

The Japanese warrior culture of Bushido is shame-based; it compels those it deems cowards or traitors to commit ritual suicide. The tribal cultures of Pashtunistan are shame-based. The Marine Corps is shame-based. So were the Romans, Alexander’s Macedonians and the Ancient Spartans. 

The maidens of Sparta were taught songs of ridicule with which to humiliate any young man who displayed want of courage in battle. When a warrior accused of being a ‘trembler’ returned to the city, the pretty young girls clustered around him, mocking him and defaming him with these anthems of shame.”

Week 22 Training: 14.12.29

A. Back Squat: 4×2@90 – E2M
B. Gymnastics Practice
Hollow / Arch Awareness – On the ground and on the Pull-up Bar.
C. EMOM x 10:
Odd: ME UB Pull-Ups
Even: ME UB Wall Balls @ 30/20#
D. For Time as a Team of 2:
21 Power Cleans @ 155/105#
21 Burpees Over Bar
15 Shoulder to Overhead @ 155/105#
15 Burpees Over Bar
9 Clean & Jerks @ 155/105#
9 Burpees Over BarNotes: The workout goes as follows: 21 PC, 21 PC, 21 Burpees, 21 Burpees, 15 S2OH, 15 S2OH…


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