Iron Sharpens Iron.

I was enjoying a little Bikram Yoga today (my 2x/week meditation) and had a stream-of-consciosness conversation flow through my head during one of the savasanas…

The Bikram script is always the same. Always. (I’ve known this for a long time, but this is where the convo started). For those that don’t know, in Bikram, every class is the same. You move through the same sequence of poses, for the same amount of time, in the same way – every – single – time. The teacher always says the same things (with minor variations teacher to teacher). But for the most part, the classes are identical.

This led me to think about the kind of teaching that we do. One of the hallmarks of a great coach is the ability to teach many styles to many people. To be able to cue differently to different athletes at different times to enhance and catalyze learning. Visual, verbal and tactile cues can all be used – you can whisper, speak or yell. You can go 1-on-1, or you can address the group.

But in Bikram, it’s the same. Always.

That led me to my next realization. I learn something new every time I’m in yoga. Though the postures are the same – though the script is the same, as I move through the class, I always glean something new or different from the practice.

If you’re paying attention, you can find learning in repetition. Listen to the same thing – hear something new.

Bring awareness to your practice – whatever it is. Commit to listening to your teacher – whoever it is. Open your mind to learning something new everyday – even when you think you’ve heard it all before.

Week 26 Training: 15.01.26

A. Snatch: E90S x 12 Rounds:
Min 1: 3@65, Min 2: 3@70, Min 3: 3@75, Min 4: 3@80
Min 5: 2@65, Min 6: 2@70, Min 7: 2@75, Min 8: 2@80
Min 9: 1@65, Min 10: 1@70, Min 11: 1@75, Min 12: 1@80

B. 3 Min AMRAP: Dual KB C&J @ 24/16

Rules: Once you pick up your kettlebells, you may not put them down for the duration of the 3 minutes. If you put them down, the AMRAP terminates. The only places you may rest are: A) in the rack position, or B) in the overhead position. If you rest anywhere else, the set terminates. Pace will be important, but your mental attitude will be critical.

C. Each for Max Reps
EMOM x 6:
Even: 30 Seconds ME Burpees, Rest 30 Seconds
Odd: 30 Seconds ME KBS @ 24/16, Rest 30 Seconds
EMOM x 6:
Even: 30 Seconds ME Wall-Balls @ 30/20#, Rest 30 Seconds
Odd: 30 Seconds ME Double Unders, Rest 30 Seconds

D. Cool-Down / Accessory Work: 2 Rounds:
20 Reverse Hypers – Moderate Weight
3/3 CLM w/ Single DB Ground to Shoulder


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