15.2 @ CrossFit Jääkarhu. Just… a little… excited.

We are honored and beyond excited to have part of the 2015 CrossFit Open come to our gym. This is an opportunity only given to 5 gyms per year worldwide, and 15.2 will undoubtedly be an epic matchup between Michele Letendre and Emily Bridgers.

We can’t think of a better way to spend the first weekend in March!

Week 27 Training: 15.02.13

CrossFit Mock Open #5: 12.2

30 Snatch @ 75/45#
30 Snatch @ 135/75#
30 Snatch @ 165/100#
AMRAP Snatch @ 210/120#

Coach’s Notes: Another Open WOD, another chance to practice skills that can help you to be a better Open athlete. This year, we have no idea what we’ll see… Chances are there will not be a WOD that looks like this. Or – they could repeat this WOD. Either way, there are things that you can practice that will make you better at WODs *like* this. 

1) Bar / extra plates setup: How you organize your plates – lay them out – sequence them. 

2) Changing plates: You will need to remove your clips, take plates off, put plates on, etc. 

3) Pace: This is a “monostructural” piece – one movement – the snatch (any variation). You will only need to focus on your technique and execution of the snatch. Like the burpee WOD, you will be able set a pretty solid pace based on your ability to move weight. If you know you cannot move the heavy weights, focus on moving the small weights well. If you know you’re going to get to 165/100#, then you will need to pace it very well so that when you get to that bar, you’ll be able to hit as many reps as possible in the time remaining. 

4) Warm-up & mental preparation: This could be the single most important aspect of the Open this year. Practice your rituals – if you don’t have any, make some.

5) INTENSITY: One workout. One focus. Get your mind right and GO. 


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One comment on “15.02.13
  1. Kelly C says:

    I’m excited about todays workout because last time I did it in 2013, I couldn’t even snatch 75.

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