7th in the Nation. Earned, not given.

This weekend, CrossFit Jääkarhu’s very own Jake Whitefield competed at his 3rd weightlifting meet and first national competition. He finished 7th out of 12 athletes with a 265 kg total (120/145).

Going into Junior Nationals, Jake had been battling hip issues. During the 3 months leading up to the competition, he wasn’t able to squat heavy – or regularly – so most of his leg work was centered around his lifting, heavy pulls and single-leg work. While sufficient, this was by far not an ideal situation to be in. Nevertheless, he worked diligently and took care of his issues and was able to enter the competition healthy and strong (he PR’d both his power snatch and power clean/push jerk the week before). A slight left shoulder/elbow issue also crept in during the last two weeks lead up, but was not as big a factor as we thought it would be.

Another success was his ability to cut weight from about 245 lbs. to just under 231 lbs. He made weight the day before competition, and did so without significant stress or fatigue to his body and mind.

We knew his potential, and we knew that to get on the podium he was going to have hit PR lifts on both the snatch and clean & jerk. His opening lift of 120 went up easily, and instead of playing it safe, we decided to go for it and give him two attempts at 126. He missed his second attempt slightly forward, and his third attempt slightly back. The weight was there, but just didn’t sit right either time. Great pulls – lacking a bit in the catch.

On the clean and jerk, Jake once again wanted to hit a PR. Hitting his opener of 145 with what again seemed like relative ease prompted him to go for a PR lift (and what would have given him a PR total) of 151. After cleaning his second attempt, he hit the jerk, but was unable to keep his elbows locked out. The judges called him on the press out, and 3 red lights meant it would come down to his last lift. We stayed at 151 (he had to follow his own lift) and with 30 seconds left on the clock, he attempted another clean at 151, but didn’t have the legs. Looking at his lifts, had he hit both the snatch and clean & jerk PR, he would have ended up 5th overall. While he was undoubtedly the best mover in the group, he’s got a little bit of strength to grow into.

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with Jake’s performance considering his training going into JN. If nothing else, Jake is a game-day performer — an athlete, as he says 😉 He’s got a great mental game and isn’t scared of going big when on the big stage.

Congrats Jake — we’re all proud of you.

Week 29 Training: 15.02.18

Coach’s Notes: Maintain your focus and energy on RECOVERY. Today’s piece should be done around 60% RPE. Make it feel easy, light, perfect. Move well – don’t rush – don’t stress. Execute with speed and intention.

A. 3 Rounds:
Row 250m
50′ HandStand Walk

B. Pause Front Squat (3 counts): 10×2 @ 55 % – EMOM

C1. Pause Clean (2 counts at knee): 6×1 @ 55% – EMOM
C2. 2 Push Jerks + 1 Split Jerk: 6×1 @ 55% – EMOM

D. 3 Rounds:
3 Rope Climbs @ 16′
30 Double Unders
3/3 Common Lunge Matrix @ Dual 45/25# (ground to shoulder)
30 Z Press
3/3 Turkish Getups @ 45/25#

CrossFit Jääkarhu is a local community in Austin, Texas that is focused on identifying goals, coaching progress and getting results. If you are interested in learning more about our gym, visit our main website (click here). About CrossFit Jääkarhu Programs Available How to Start

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